French BDS Campaign Condemns Dieudonné and his Ilk

Google Translation of the French site Campagne BDS France

Press the BDS campaign on France and Dieudonné Valls

Paris, January 6, 2013

France BDS Campaign (Boycott Divestment Sanctions against Israeli apartheid regime), wishes to make the following statement:

1. Since its birth, the BDS movement condemns all forms of racism including the ideology and actions of the "dieudosphère" (Dieudonné, Soral and their various friends), which consists of people openly racist, anti-Semitic, for whom the world is dominated by a "Jewish conspiracy" would be guilty of all the ills suffered by the people, especially the people of France. These people are part of the extreme right, particularly the far right Le Pen. Contrary to what they claim they have never acted in favor of the Palestinian cause, doing qu'instrumentaliser it to serve their complotistes delusions. Their positions are incompatible with the values ??of the BDS campaign.

2. We also condemn the current offensive Valls, which aims to amalgamate in public opinion, with the blessing of CRIF (Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France) anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist and anti-racist activists who strongly oppose the policy colonial and apartheid state of Israel.

3. The BDS campaign is an anti-racist, ethics and citizen movement, which campaigns for the respect of international law and human rights. Launched in 2005 at the call of Palestinian civil society, it has many citizens and civil society organizations in countries around the world, including Palestinian citizens as Israelis. She firmly fight the current Israeli racist policy in the name of universal values, free from racism to anyone because of its origins.

4. We are not fooled by the context of the anti-Dieudonné political operation of the French government, which aims to anchor a political climate marked by both an Islamophobic racism, anti-Roma, anti-immigrant, and an avowed complicity with Israeli policy.

5. Faced with this situation, we will continue our relentless campaign unit, which during the last period achieved significant international success (as evidenced by our ) and we demand the withdrawal of the circular Alliot-Marie, that encourages prosecutors to prosecute activists involved in the BDS campaign.