Rosa DeLauro and Other CT Legislators
Won't Defend Palestinian Children

We were encouraged a couple of weeks ago when senior Democratic Member of Congress DeLauro became a co-sponsor of H.R. 2407 that was introduced by Member of Congress Betty McCollum. The bill (text here) would ban the use of U.S. aid to Israel to "support military detention, interrogation, abuse, or ill-treatment of Palestinian children".

Then without any announcement DeLauro removed her co-sponsorship.

She was asked for weeks what happened by a slew of constituents. One received a letter saying 1) the bill was singling out Israel; 2) She didn't like the words in the bill "gross violations of human rights"; 3) the bill doesn't affirm support for the "two-state solution"; 4) the bill doesn't automatically start aid up to Israel if it changes its policies toward children; 5) the bill defines child as 21 and younger while international law defines a minor as someone 18 or younger

Pretty weak reasoning. 1) This is pure sniveling Whatabouttry. No one can decry an abuse without mentioning every abuse in the world? Nonsense 2) It's not a "gross violation" to grab children in the middle of the night, put them blindfolded on the floor of a jeep, interrogate them without parents, and on and on. Give us a break 3) It is completely shameful to refuse to condemn child abuse because the bill refuses to express support for the Member of Congress favorite (and dead) solution to the whole conflict; 4) If Israel changed and the money flowed who would complain?; 5) Maybe this little point is correct. So fix it, don't abandon the bill.

DeLauro supports Latino children refugees. She just came back from Florida and told of appalling conditions. Why doesn't she go to Palestine and see how they treat children there?

The big news site The Intercept made the story of DeLauro's flip-flopping its top item of July 19. We should note that no other CT member of Congress has the decency to co-sponsor H.B. #2407.

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