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Israel Declares All Major Palestinian Human Rights Groups "Terrorists"

On Newlines - The Drone Unit that the Taliban Used to Take Over All of Afghanistan

Dia al Azzawi artwork at the Tate - Sabra-Shatilla 1982

We Anti-Zionists Speak for a Quarter of U.S. Jews

What We Said about Afghanistan in December 2001

FreeTheBurnatBrothers (921K)

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As Assad Attacks Daraa - a Bitter Poem by Nancy Latif

Shadi Shurafi's Body Returned - Now Arrest his Killers

Big Development - Yale College Council Denounces Ethnic Cleansing by Israel

TSVN Video of the Late Glen Ford

Over 100 Jews Sign Statement "Take Down the Israeli Flag" - Say Israeli Government is Apartheid

Two Former Israeli Ambassadors Call Israel an Apartheid State

Israel Killing Whole Families - Amira Haas - Haaretz

To Liberate Palestine There Must Be Uprisings Against the Regimes

Over 1000 Israeli Jews Denounce the Israeli Apartheid State

Over 100 Jews Sign Statement "Take Down the Israeli Flag" - Say Israeli Government is Apartheid

[In]Justice Ministry Closes Rape, Sodomy Investigation.
Evidently Israeli Security Can Do Anything it Wants

As Palestinians Face the Pandemic Unprotected, Israel's Vaccination Rate Is Worthless - Haaretz Editorial

Hundreds Sign Letter Denouncing Those "Anti-Imperialists" Who Would Erase Syrians

President Biden Should Speak Out on Syria - Sahloul in the Chicago Tribune

Former Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg and others at Independent Jewish Voices Forum

There is No Right to a State - Peter Beinart - Jewish Currents

Heller Op-Ed Says We're Fighting Anti-Semitism the Wrong Way

American Muslims for Palestine Letter to State Department

Link to Register to the March 9 webinar featuring Avraham Burg, at 1pm Eastern

Former Speaker of Israeli Knesset Asks for Removal of his "Jewish" Nationality Status.
Doesn't Want to Be Considered as Part of the "Masters" of the Country

Rights group demands specialized medical care for imprionsed Palestinian teen

Adelson is Dead

Ruger is Making a Killing - Based in Fairfield, CT

The U.S. War on Syrian Civilians (in Raqqa) - Anand Gopal, The New Yorker

Newsweek article Explains that Pompeo is Defending Settlements, not Jews

our winter fundraising drive (133K)

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Howard Zinn, the historian Trump said spread "propaganda"

Sabra-Shatila Massacre Sept. 16-18 1982...Never Forget

An Attack on Edward Said’s Legacy—An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

AOC Wants Congress to Threaten Israel Aid

Press Release: UNH, Don't Renew Ties with Saudis

PEP's Protest of Tufts President Criticism of Tufts Students for Justice in Palestine

Interview with Barbara Fair "Virus Threatens, But Lamont Won't Free Prisoners"

Israeli Sniper Kills Palestinian Policeman in His Own Station - Gideon Levy

Mayson Almisri (27K)
Interview with White Helmet Mayson Almisri

The Furious Zionist Response to Heller's Article Criticizing Jared Kushner's Big Lie

Heller op-ed "No, Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism"

Democracy Now! Interviews Two Esteemed Syrians

Excellent Rally for Muslims in India in Hartford (4 video playlist)

A Lookback at Stories Covered by TSVN Video

Two Iraqis Apparently Kidnapped by Police

Stanley Heller interviewed on WPKN about "Zionist Betrayal of Jews"

Louis Proyect Refutes Latest Nonsense Claiming Douma Gas Attack a "False Flag"

Israel's Sham Election - Dan Fischer

image of Hartford strike (1003K)
Hartford Global Climate Strike (Playlist of Video)

As Palestinian Kids are Destroyed,
U.S. Condemns Measures to Protect Them

DeLauro Won't Defend Palestinian Children

Says Jews Marrying Non-Jews a "Second Holocaust"

37 Executed in Saudi Arabia, Torture, Sham Trials, Religious Prejudice

Lee, UNH Must Leave Saudis Behind - Stanley Heller

Jeffrey Epstein and a Past Israeli Prime Minister

Assad Hits a Wall in Idlib - Reuters

Prevent a U.S. War on Iran - Promoting Enduring Peace

Mohamed Morsi Died in a Soundproof Cage - Mona Eltahawy

Distorting Congresswoman Omar's Words - Sina Ma

May 14 is Show Disgust with the ADL Day. Make a Sign

adeimi and west (37K)
Hundreds at Yale in Solidarity with Yemen

mones and gaudino (13K)     no compren aqui (13K)    37 years at S&S sm (19K)
Stop and Shop Strike: Click on picture above to see video

Click here for more on the strike including music

A Man Who Got Away with Mass Murder Dies Peacefully at 93

About Dov Yermiyah, Who Testified Against the Killer in the Above Article

An Article Ha'aretz Wouldn't Print Refuting Claims
about Labour Party Anti-Semitism

Stunning Article by Michelle Alexander on Palestine

Open Letter by Unionists and Others Asking Union Leaderships
to Support Fired Texas Teacher

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