Videos of Rallies of Anger at Freeing of Zimmerman

from YouTube channel "StruggleVideoMedia"

July 20 - Edgewood Park

March to New Haven City Hall

Signs of the Protest

It Brings Hope to Me, to Everyone

A Poem About Racist Suspicion

If a Person Addresses Me I Answer as a Person

July 15 Rally in front of Amistad Statue

Two Decades Later, Black Men Still Being Killed

Malik Jones Mother Speaks at Rally After Acquittal of Zimmerman for Trayvon's Killing

The Politicians Never Come Through. We Have to Be in the Streets

Beautiful Mournful Song at Rally Protesting Freeing of Zimmerman

Trayvon - Poem Protests the Killing

This is Something We Don't Have to Take From Anybody

Get Inside the System and Change it so No More Injustices Like What Happened to Trayvon

Barbara Fair - In Shock about the Verdict Freeing the Man Who Killed Trayvon July 14