A Word to Activists Against the Egyptian Coup

September 8     A positive report. The Hill which is a site that tracks Congress very closely says Obama's advisers are actually calling for a cut of most foreign aid to Egypt. The article does say that that the generals still have a powerful ally in Israel.

September 4     Obama had been under fire for his refusal to break with the Egyptian generals. He is delighted that the Syrian issue has knocked all criticism off the front page. Egyptians (and Syrians for that matter) should in no way think that he has their best interests at heart. The U.S. wants a deal in Syria, an Assad government without Assad, just like what actually happened with Mubarak's Egypt!

Only one of our committee is part-Syrian, but many of us know a lot about politics and history. We believe the best thing for Syria would for all foreigners to get out and for Syrians to agree among themselves how to get rid of tyranny, religious hatred and how to set up a democratic and prosperous country.

We believe you all belong with us on the line demanding that the U.S. government which has not finished cleaning up the catastrophes it caused in Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Egypt, etc. etc. has no business going on a new crusade.

We urge you to be at the rally at the CT Old State House, Sept 6 on Friday 3-6 p.m.

- Stanley Heller, Executive Director, Middle East Crisis Committee (founded 1982), host of "The Struggle" Video News,