Hundreds of White Helmets Escape Assad Meatgrinder

Hundreds, maybe as many as 800 Syria Civil Defense workers have been evacuated from Syria into Jordan. The Israeli government claims they did this as a humanitarian measure, though its unclear what the Israelis did other than not mow them down as they got near the Jordanian border. Israel is not taking a single one in as they are not taking in any of the tens of thousands of other Syrians who ran to the borders of Jordan and the Golan (occupied by Israel). They are being taken in by countries such as Britain, Germany and Canada (Trump won't take in any into the U.S. because they Muslims).

The White Helmets have rescued tens of thousands of Syrian in buildings bombed by Assad, the Russians or the Iranians and their allies. The bombers created a fantastic series of lies about the rescue workers saying variously they were al-Qaeda, ISIS, actors, etc. etc. If they fell into Assad hands they surely would be sent to Sednaya or some other ghoulish Assadist prison/execution-center.

A decent question is why "the West" helped them leave. Trump has ceded Syria to Assad and Russia and couldn't give a damn. Perhaps it's because the image of the White Helmets is rightfully so high in Europe and the U.S. A movie about their work almost won an Oscar for best documentary. If they were slaughtered it would be bad PR. Anyway it's good that they are away from the killers.

One writer, who should know better, claimed the West was merely saving a force similar to the SLA. This was an armed force in southern Lebanon that was driven out by Lebanese patriotic forces at the end of the '90's. What a vile slander. The SLA were a group of thugs organized and armed by Israel who did nothing but use force to terrorize sections of Lebanon. The Syrian Civil Defense dug people out of bombed buildings. A bit of a difference, no? Many of those people were Palestinians butchered by Assad forces. Go look at Yarmouk camp which was under siege for years by Assad. Now its a smoking rubble and no Palestinians are expected to be allowed back in.

The Israeli article in Haaretz referenced earlier did make one very telling point. It said " Israelís involvement directly or indirectly in discussions on Russiaís plans for alleviating the Syrian crisis, and Israelís ability to influence tactical moves in the Golan make it an indirect but significant partner of the Assad regime, which can now rest assured itís in no danger from Israel." Israel was never bothered by Assad and never made any effort to overthrow him.

If you go to the Syria Civil Defense Twitter Feed, they say 94 members of the White Helmets were evacuated from southern Syria with 300 or so members of their families. The feed makes it plain that White Helmets are still active in other parts of Syria.

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