Universities Supposedly Attack the American Studies Association

"Harvard and Yale, along with a host of other universities, public officials, and journalistic outlets, has condemned and rejected the American Studies Associationís academic boycott of Israel." So writes Yair Rosenberg in The Tablet. At first glance it sounds impressive until you look at the details and find out that the denunciations are a collection of statements or sound bites by college presidents issuing statements on their own say so.

While the American Studies Association went through the process of considering the boycott for weeks, with a majority vote of delegates at a convention, to a unanimous vote by its executive board to landlandslide vote open to every member, these college presidents just acted on their own.

You knew there would be a counterattack by the supporters of Israeli apartheid. Apparently it's being led by the "Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations". Here's their statement and a list of people they've been able to influence. Note also their logo, a mixture of American and Israeli Flags. Their only "Jewish" concern is supporting a Jewish superiority state in Israel. Not a word about the Jewish poor in Israel, or the housing shortage or actual anti-Semitism in Europe. Not even a word about the shameful epidemic of child abuse of Jewish children in Israel. No, this organization of the richest, most powerful and most pompous Jews in America has only one real concern, supporting the Israeli elite and getting supported in return.

The Zionists want to destroy the American Studies Association as they have crushed dissent in the past. They're not calling for repeal of the resolution, but for universities and individuals to leave the organization. This is how they respect "academic freedom".

But they may not win this one. There are healthy signs of resistance. After the ASA took its stand the Council of the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association came out with its own statement.

The Zionists are frantic. They thought that they could quarantine the U.S. from the worldwide BDS movement. Now they are shocked, shocked.

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