United Church of Christ Resolution on BDS Passes Overwhelmingly

June 30. By a four to one landslide the United Church of Christ approved a BDS measure at it's Cleveland General Synod. It's quite long. See line 339 for the start of the specific actions taken. The UCC has over one million members. They are the Congreationalists with roots back to the Pilgrims and Puritans and the founders of Yale and Harvard. It's quite an achievement that this action was taken by this large, mainstream church.

Here's an account in the New York Times It notes there was a second resolution on Palestine which said the church would declare Israel's actions towards Palestinians "apartheid". 51% voted in favor, but 2/3 was required for adoption and so it was not adopted. Still it was the first time any U.S. church denomination considered such a measure. One of the speakers for this resolution said that Jewish Voice for Peace supported it. That would be new ground, too.

TSVN observed the proceedings via Livestream and reported on Twitter. @strugglevideo Shouldn't you be a follower?

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