To Embarrassing for the Jerusalem Post

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Nov. 11, 2014. The Jerusalem Post used the anniversary of the start of the Holocaust (Kristallnacht) as an opportunity to bash the wonderful (Jewish) activists Max Blumenthal and David Sheen and their efforts to expose various Israeli government crimes. Of course they slandered the BDS campaign showing a photo of German Nazis with racist "Don't Buy from Jews" campaign.

In the comment area I twice posted the words below, but the moderator would not approve them.

Naturally you neglect to mention another boycott that your crowd (successfully) undermined, the 1930's Jewish led boycott of German goods. While Jews and others worldwide spontaneously started a boycott the Zionist groups made a deal with Hitler. It was the first major act of appeasement of the inter-war period. See boycott-have-beaten-hitler-stanley-heller/ Certainly this is worth remembering during a memorial of Kristallnacht.

The Zionists don't want anyone (especially Jews) to know about their betrayals of actual Jews in their effort to create their Zionist idol.

By the way, watch David Sheen go after the leader of "Der Linke" the supposed far-left party in Germany. Sheen was demanding an apology for Gysi's slandering Sheen as an "anti-Semite".

This is David Sheen's website.

These are a number of articles Blumenthal wrote for Mondoweiss. His book "Goliath" is essential reading.