Israeli Jewish Fascists Celebrate Wedding by Stabbing
Photo Of Dawabsheh Baby

free frame of video stabbing photo (31K)
From Channel 10 Israel and Haaretz
Screen shot

Dec. 24. It was not enough to burn the baby alive along with his parents and terribly injure his brother. The circles widely suspected by the Israeli government of committing the murders "celebrated" at a wedding with weapons and a Molotov cocktail and one of the celebrants stabbed a photo of the martyred baby Ali Dawabsheh .

Here is the video. Shocking? Can any outrage be called shocking in Netanyahu's Apartheid Israel?

After months of inaction the Israeli security agency the Shin Bet is using torture to get information or confessions about the attack. They deny use of torture but Chaim Levenson in Haaretz writes, ""By defining the investigation as one designed to prevent future attacks, the Shin Bet placed itself outside existing legal restrictions on the use of physical torture on suspects". Get it? The Jewish paper Forward reported on torture claims by one detainees family.

Obviously torture should be opposed on moral grounds 100%. On practical grounds there are cleaner more effective ways of doing investigations which the Shin Bet doesn't seem to try. On his blog "Tikun Olam" Richard Silverstein writes, "As I reported here, it eschews the usual police methods adopted by the FBI and similar western counter-terror agencies. No complicated forensics. No canvassing of crime scenes and massive interrogations of witnesses. Most of all, little or no contact with victims and their families, unless they're Jewish." And there's this aspect. A judge might actually believe Israeli Jews who say they were tortured and throw out any convictions based on their "confessions". In fact this could be the whole object of the torture.

In a nearly unheard of action a rally of some 500 settlers picketed near the home of the Yoram Cohen, the head of Shin Bet, demanding freedom for their ultra-rightists friends that had been arrested.

Look at this charge: "Songs glorifying murder that are commonplace at Orthodox weddings, and not just at the extreme and negligible margins of Israeli society" You might think it was said by an anti-Semite, but it was written by an Israeli Jew, Rabbi Michael Melchior, on the pages of Haaretz. He translates a song that he says is commonplace at Orthodox weddings. "Remember me, remember me, and strengthen me, only this once, Oh G-d, that I may take revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes" and he comments, "These are the words that Samson said right before he felled the two middle pillars of the Temple of Dagon, killing himself together with the multitude of Philistines there with him." It's a song glorifying a suicide-mass murder at a wedding! Melchior is an Israeli and a former government minister and also serves a Chief Rabbi of Norway.

Will we hear one word of reflection from Obama or any one of the Congressmen or women who regularly fawn over Israel? Or are they too busy thinking about how much new money to fork over to Israel to "compensate" the Jewish state for the terrible act of not nuking Iran?

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