What Matters to the Jewish 1% - The Presidents of the Jewish Organizations

by Stanley Heller, January 9, 2014

Apparently the attack on the American Studies Association is being led by the "Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations". Here's their statement and a list of people they've been able to influence/pressure. Note also their logo, a mixture of American and Israeli Flags. Look through their website, defending the Israeli government, from stem to stern.

One might think the "Major Jewish Organizations" might have a few other concerns. One that comes to mind is poor Jews in Israel. Ha'aretz notes that a recent National Insurance Institute study found there were 800,000 poor children in Israel, one out of every three Israeli children. (Of course, many of these are Palestinian children, but hundreds of thousands are Jews). You don't see anything about them on the site of the "Major Jewish Organizations" nor is there anything about the housing shortage that brought hundreds of thousands of Jews into the streets of Israel in the summer of 2011.

You also won't find a word about the shameful epidemic of child abuse of Jewish children in Israel.

Nor is there discussion of the lack of rights over family matters by non-Orthodox rabbis. There are 300,000 people considered "Jews" under the Law of Return and allowed to become Israeli citizens who are not considered "Jews" by the Orthodox rabbis and cannot legally marry inside of Israel. One would think this would be of some interest to the High Muckamucks.

What about the vile treatment of black Africans who ask for asylum rights guaranteed by international law? Sorry, it's not on the "Major" radar.

What about anti-Semitism? Nothing. There is space for an award given by the (absolute) King of Morocco to Malcolm Hoenlein, the Executive Vice President of the Conference, but nothing about actual anti-Semitism in Hungary and other parts of Europe. Last month a Hungarian state TV channel played a Christmas carol calling for Jews to be burned in chimneys. Not of interest to the "Majors".

What about the "dark side" of some Jews, corruption, criminality, and sexual abuse. We know a lot about sexual crimes against children by Catholic priests. What about What about equally dark crimes in the Jewish community? What about the fact that in some cases the family of the victim is ostracized, threatened or assaulted. All this has received extensive coverage by the watchdog site on Orthodox, Failed Messiah and even the New York Times has noticed. Not a "Major" issue, though?

No, this organization of the richest, most powerful and most pompous Jews in America has only one real concern, supporting the Israeli state.

What is the Conference?

According to "The Jewish Daily Forward" the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations was started in 1956 and is made up of 51 groups. Some are well known like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the ADL, the American Jewish Committee, the Zionist Organiztion of America and the Jewish Federations of North America. Some are tiny and barely functioning with a handful of employees and little funds. Some big groups like the Chabad-Lubavich, the American Jewish World Service or J-Street are not part of the Majors whether throught choice or not.

The 2012 article says "Instead of a voting process, the Presidents Conference resorts at times to an informal procedure in which key members are consulted privately on issues deemed sensitive. “Malcolm will call up [Abraham] Foxman or [AJC Executive Director] David Harris and consult with them, maybe with a few others,” a member of the Presidents Conference said. These consultations usually succeed in keeping all groups in line..."

In June 2012 in an interview with the Israeli paper Ha'aretz Executive Vice-President Hoenlein announced that the Conference of Majors would be going after BDS in a big way. “It will be a major Internet and social media campaign, in which we hope to reach every single college student in America. The goal is to educate in creative ways and win the public back.” [Interesting admission - Israel seems to have lost "the public"]

The full court press campaign against the American Studies Association is a logical next step.

One hopes academics in the U.S. will not be intimidated and can successfully fight off an assault from this group of self-important lovers of apartheid who neglect the real intests of the Jewish 99%.

For a look at how the grandfathers of these folks failed European Jewry during the Nazi years click here.