Stop the Expulsions of the African Asylum Seekers

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's government has announced plans to have all remaining 37,000 African asylum seekers in Israel to "voluntarily" leave or be thrown in prison indefinitely. It's based entirely on racism. Tens of thousands of white non-Jews from the former Soviet Union are inside Israel illegally and are not bothered. The Africans (mostly from Eritrea and Sudan) will be sent to central Africa where most will try to go north to Europe and fall into the hands of smugglers. Many (most?) will die. Many will become various types of slaves. The expulsions must be halted.

March 13. Some African refugees banned from living in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities while they wait- Bradley Burston

Feb. 27 Big and Good News "Concerned": African-American Lawmakers Urge Israel Not to Deport Asylum Seekers

20,000 Israelis Protest Deportation of African Asylum Seekers

Haaretz editorial with striking photo "Obscuring the Expulsions"

Feb. 23 Nightclub Protest Against Expulsions

Feb. 22 The expulsions/imprisonment campaign has started. Seven men originally from Eritrea who were told to leave "voluntarily" and refused and been arrested and taken to Saharonim Prison.

Feb. 13, 2018 Statement from the Balad party (Tajamoa), representing Palestinian citizens of Israel, in support of the tens of thousands of non-Jewish African refugees that the Netanyahu government is trying to ethnically cleanse @balad2013

The Israeli government's decision to banish the migrants from African Africans is an immoral and inhumane move.

The Government raises the sanctuary seekers victim on the altar of effort to maintain any price on the Jewish superiority regime, which stems from the racial definition of the zionist state.

The government policy on this subject escalates the scourge of racism and the other hate, and how serious these phenomena are in society and decision-makers when racism and hate are particularly severe towards people who are dark and and.

Balad is calling everyone to stand alongside the refugees and the refugees against the deportation plan, and the cowboy of all international art for protecting refugees from the sanctuary sanctuary.

We demand all international elements concerned about doing what they have to do and act to stop this heinous move, which means there may be a death sentence for many of the refugees who have escaped from dangerous crisis zones and a serious political political

Forum: Cancel this expulsion plan that will send Africans to torture or death - Stanley Heller, New Haven Register, February 6, 2108

January 23, TSVN interview with Organizer of the Protest at Herzliya, Israel

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storm day still kagame (49K)
source: Twitter @refugees4Sale

January 26 Report Shows That African Asylum Seekers Make Up Minority of 'Illegal Aliens' in Israel

Storm Day in Israel, a protest in front of the Rwanda embassy in Tel Aviv. Rwanda is conspiring with Israel to "take" in thousands of African refugees that Israel is illegally expelling. Netanyahu plans to expel 40,000 by April. Reports say the refugees forced to Rwanda and Uganda are stripped of all rights and have to flee again. Some of those who make it to Libya are literally enslaved. That's why several in this protest and in chains

January 11 The Sick Historical Precedent for the Expulsion of the African Refugees (Eichmann in Vienna)- B. Michael

Go to Twitter and @refugees4Sale and retweet some of their tweets. Let #BlackLivesMatter activists know about it.

Haaretz article: Best of Luck,' Israeli Officials Tell Asylum Seekers Ahead of Expulsion to Rwanda

Rabbis for Human Rights Want to Hide African Refugees Like Anne Frank Did in Amsterdam

@David Sheen has been covering this story for years.

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