photo solidarity with Jews (65K)

#SolidarityWithJews, but Keep those Israeli Apartheid Flags at Home

Appalled to hear that at a solemn NYC vigil for the 11 murdered by the Nazi Jew-hater in Pittsburgh Israeli flags were unfurled and an Israeli anthem was sung. Repulsive because Netanyahu and his gang did everything they could to bring to office in the U.S. the Haters. Of course the gang is shocked, shocked, shocked that the flood of bigotry and fear released from the top of U.S. government would ever reach Jews themselves. What garbage! The gang doesn't care about U.S. Jews except as a source of money.

Sunday JVP and MECC changed the message of the Sunday vigil in New Haven to a #SolidarityWithJews vigil. See this brief video.

Here are some slogans that might be useful on the site Revive the Peace Movement

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