Connecticut: Shoruq Children's Debka & Girls Hip-Hop

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Two performances, Thurs. March 30, Fri. March 31. info and tickets for New Haven and Hartford.

View a beautiful performance celebrating Palestinian culture and history.

The children from Dheisheh Refugee Camp will use original music and dance to share the history and daily life of Palestinian refugees.

“Debka is our heritage. I send my message to the world and resist through debka." - Tamer, 16

Interspersed in the performance will be hip-hop songs in English and Arabic from Shoruq's Girls Hip-Hop group.

For more info: or 860-200-5396

Event sponsored by
Tree of Life Education Fund
Middle East Children's Alliance:
Shoruq Organization:

New Haven event
Jewish Voice for Peace New Haven:
Tree of Life Educational Fund:

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