Shameful...Russia Delivers News Jets to Assad Forces

August 16, 2015 The Iranian website Press TV writes that Russia has delivered 6 Mikoyan jet fighters to Syria to "boost the military capabilities of the countries that are at the forefront of the battle against Takfiri terrorism in the region." The jets go to support the Assad regime which has a gruesome record of mass killing of civilian protesters, and civilians. On August 16 the Guardian (UK) reports at least 82 people were killed by Syrian government bombs on a marketplace.

As far as we can make out the Mikoyan MIG31 is used exclusively against other aircraft. The only such aircraft in the area that threatens and attacks Syria is Israeli, but we can't think of any instance where the regime challenged Israeli aircraft. The regime could use the money for civilian uses, but ...

In 2012 the BBC reported that Russia "10% of Russia's global arms sales go to Syria, with current contracts estimated to be worth $1.5bn (950m)."

Our committee, the Middle East Crisis Committee, opposes any foreign countries or forces sending military aid into Syria.

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