Does the IDF Kill Its Own to Avoid Unpleasant Prisoner Swaps?

Richard Silverstein has been writing a series of articles about an IDF policy variously called the "Hannibal Protocol" or "Hannibal Doctrine". He says IDF will deliberate kill its own soldiers if it appears they have been captured and cannot be rescued. Read over his posts about it.

The following is a screenshot of a gung-ho Israeli with a picture of the family of a soldier whose capture was dealt with via the "Protocol"

screenshot Hadar Goldin family (69K)

Evidently IDF soldiers know that if they're grabbed they're going to be killed by their own forces and are told they will be heroes "for the good of Israel". This kind of fascist state worship is unrivaled. Have other cultures done it? Imperial Japan told its soldiers that if they were captured by Americans they'd be tortured etc. and advised suicide, but did they actually kill their own?

To those nurtured with the new IDF fanaticism realize it is no shame to be captured. Soldiers are captured and exchanged in all conflicts. The "Hannibal Protocol" is only used to make it less inconvenient for the warmongers who run the state.