Take Action to Stop the Execution and Crucifixion of a 21 Year Old Saudi

ali-mohammed-al-nimr (6K)

We appeal to you to protest the execution and crucifixion of the corpse being planned for Saudi citizen Ali Mohammed al-Nimr. Four years ago when he was 17 he took part in a demonstration against the regime. For that offense and supposedly carrying a weapon he was sentenced to beheading and having his corpse tied to a horizontal pole until it rotted away, a punishment that the regime calls "crucifixion" and that it carried out on others just a few years ago. Not only is the sentence monstrous, the entire judicial proceeding appears to be a travesty. No lawyer, a forced confession, and a pro forma "appeal" Take action.

Start by looking at the Amnesty Int site.

As you know the Saudi regime is the dear ally of the U.S. Ask if U.S. Ambassador Jospeh Westphal is speaking to the Saudis and in public about this case. The email of the embassy in Riyadh is RiyadhACS@state.gov Contact U.S. politicians and ask them to speak out and why we spend huge sums each year to defend the Gulf tyrannies.

more about Saudi Arabia at wwww.SaudiUS.gov

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