Putin and Obama Collaboration Over Syria

Despite a lot of agitation on the Left over a possible U.S.-Russia war (World War III!), on the ground Putin and Obama are collaborating. Obama is following Putin's lead. In future years Obama's indifference to the slaughter of Syrians will be compared to Bill Clinton and Rwanda. Remember Obama's doing this even though the Assad-Russian-Hezbollah sieges have not been lifted for a single Syrian city or town. #DropFoodNotBombs
Facebook post - Sam Charles Hamad - July 1

Okay, so take the 'New Syrian Army', which is armed and equipped by the US and which is fighting Daesh in Deir ez-Zor. This entity does not fight Assad. It fights Daesh solely. It is a US asset in the coalition fight against Daesh. It won't be joining the rebel groups in fighting Assad. So, these are precisely the kind of groups the US agreement with Russia covers. In June, despite the NSA never lifting a finger to Assad, Russia bombed them with cluster munitions in their base in al-Tanf. Russia knew very well that the NSA were not gearing up to fight Assad and were trained, armed and equipped by the US. So why did it bomb them? Because Russia wants to sell Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and the YPG as the only plausible fighting force against Daesh - it is hostile to any force that it can't immediately control or doesn't have relations with.

So the US then comes to this agreement with Russia whereby the US will 'cooperate' with Russia in airstrikes against 'terrorists' in Aleppo as long as Russia stops bombing US assets in the fight against Daesh (erroneously referred to as 'Syrian rebels') and stops Assad from bombing them. But who are the 'terrorists'? Everybody thinks its Jabhat an-Nusra, but it goes much beyond that. It's gonna be every force deemed by Russia, Iran and Assad to be 'terrorists' - ALL ANTI-ASSAD FORCES. That's the Syrian rebels. In Aleppo, it'll be Fatah Halab and Jabhat Shamiya.

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