Nassau Long Island Politicians Want Roger Waters Banned

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by Stanley Heller

Roger Waters has a concert scheduled for the Nassau (Long Island) Coliseum Sept. 15 and Sept 16. Waters is an outspoken supporter of human rights and therefore a supporter of BDS measures against the Israeli government. Israeli "lawfare" is trying to criminalize BDS all over the world and Nassau county politicians pledged obedience in 2016 with this law.

It bans the County from having any contract with any business that participates in BDS activities, which it defines as measures to "penalize or limit" activities with any Israeli business. Lest you think that the law doesn't apply to Roger Water because he isn't a business, think again, because the law's definition of a business includes "any natural person".

Now the law bans Nassau County from signing these contracts. Is the Nassau Coliseum owned by the county? A short internet search says the majority owner of the Coliseum is Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, the owner of the Nets basketball team. The politician running his mouth off about the issue, one Howard Kopel says the Coliseum is a "County sponsored facility". Anything the County give a nod or nickel to becomes the County? As a non-lawyer Kopel's phrase sounds like weasel words or in the vulgar, BS. It shouldn't apply, but who knows if in this era judges are interested in defending the First Amendment to the Constitution. Get ready, one can expect that in the future you'll have to prove your Israeli purchases for the month as evidence that you don't support BDS.

Here's another link to ticket sales at the Coliseum. We hope the concert is filled to capacity.

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