Razan Zaitouneh and the Douma 4

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Today Dec. 9, 2103 Razan Zaitouneh, her husband and 2 associates were kidnapped in Douma, Syria. "All the available pieces of evidence indicate the responsibility of the Army of Islam led by Zahran Alloush. " Zaitouneh is a lawyer and journalist who worked with the Local Coordinating Committee. She appeared a number of times on Democracy Now!, the last time describing the horror of the regime chemical attacks of August 2013. Zaitouneh was a winner of the Sakharov Peace Prize. She is one of thousands who have been abducted.

RZaitouneh (41K)
Her last video from Dec. 2013

Alloush' forces (Jaysh al-Islam) recently put captured soliders and their families in cages to deter regime attacks (an obvious violation of the rules of war)

Currently Jaysh al-Islam is at the Saudi conference in Riyadh to unite Saudi approved rebels.

In April Human Rights Watch marked her birthday

Statement from the Douma 4 website

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