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intl community wants war (20K)
Scores Rally against Obama's threat to Attack Syria

Hartford, CT Sept. 6. At its height there were about 75 or 80 people at the Old State House, waving signs, chanting and demanding "No War". Midway through the three hour protest most of the demonstrators marched several blocks around downtown Hartford. Lots of the protesters were young people and many were Muslims.

If public response could be judged by the number of car horns, the rally was quite popular.

And folks were hartened by reports that the member of the U.S. House of Representatives were tending to vote AGAINST the Syria attack. According to the Associated Press " House members staking out positions are either opposed to or leaning against his plan for a U.S. military strike against Syria by more than a 6-1 margin"


Congress! Vote "No War on Syria "

Kids Lead "No More War" Chant - Oppose Bombing of Syria

We Don't Want to Have to Remember the Mistake of a War on Syria - Rev Dr Jan Carlsson Bull

After Killing a Million in Iraq the U.S. Dares to Point a Finger at Assad? - Stanley Heller

"The Real Debate Needs to Be Aimed at Bringing the Civil War in Syria to an End Peacefully" - Atif Quraishi

We're a Compassionate People, but our Government Doesn't Follow Our Values - Saud Anwar

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and from TSVN #501 "The American Government has No Right to Point Fingers or Drop Bombs"

Sponsoring groups and individuals:

CT United for Peace
Middle East Crisis Committee
CT Citizens for Peace& Justice
Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice
Manchester Citizens for Peace & Justice
Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba
Veterans for Peace - Chapter 42
Capitalism vs. the Climate
Debating Taboos Collective, Yale University
Briann Greenfield, Professor of History, Central Connecticut State University, member of CCSU Profs4Progress
CT Green Party
Syed Raza, Members of Jafaria Association of Connecticut and Past President of Pakistani American Association of CT (PAACT)
Dave Ionno,Veterans for Peace and Viet Nam Veterans against War
Heartbeat Ensemble
American Muslim Peace Initiative
Greater New Haven Peace Council
Promoting Enduring Peace
Harold Burbank, peace lawyer, Canton
Rob Camp Fuoco, Sharing Nature
West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice

to join the effort, reply or call Stanley Heller at 203-934-2761