Video of Demonstration Against Increased Israeli Repression

Playlist of ten videos of the rally

Press release

The Middle East Crisis Committee and Jewish Voice for Peace (New Haven) call for a protest
in front of Senator Blumenthal's Hartford office on Tuesday. Blumenthal is a sponsors of the anti-BDS bill.

"BDS=Free Speech. Free speech is not a Felony"
"Give Light to Gaza, End the Israeli Siege"
"Free Access to Al-Aqsa, No Israeli Checkpoints"

90 State House Square
(GPS 2 Market St.)

4-6 p.m. Tuesday July 25, 2017

Promoting Enduring Peace has agreed to co-sponsor

Be sure to listen to Friday 7/21 to hear about the awful bill before Congress that has fines up to a million dollars and possible 20 year jail sentences for the free speech "crime" of calling for BDS

Senator Blumenthal and 42 other Democrats and Republicans Senators are in support of the law. Courtney and Larson are cosponsors in the House with several hundred other House members.

Facebook Event Here

Call Congress send them a message. Call 24/7. They have machines.

Ask your members to CALL the Washington office of their Congresspersons. Tell them to vote "no" on Senate Bill 720, and House Resolution 1697. Emails have little impact.

When you call you can a) Ask to talk to the actual Member of Congress. This will take a while... or b) Ask to speak with the aide with responsibility for the Middle East or c) Make your pitch to whoever answers the phone

Ask them how the Member intends to vote, in which case they may have to get back to you or, just say, "please vote no." Give them your name and address.

Here are their numbers:

Sen Blumenthal: 202-224-2823

Sen Murphy: 202-224-4041

Cong Larson: 202-225-2265

Cong Courtney: 202-225-2076

Cong DeLauro: 202-225-3661

Cong Himes: 202-225-5541

Cong Esty: 202-225-4476

Warning about the Anti-BDS Law from "The Intercept". Note the reproduction of AIPAC material which brags about banning the ability of U.S. "persons" from "cooperating" in boycotts called by international organizations.

Text of the anti-BDS law.

Senator Cardin thinks the ACLU got it all wrong.

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