Return the Remains of Jamal Khashoggi to His Family

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and more about al-Tubaigy, UNH and King Fahd Security College

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The Middle East Crisis Committee (CT) has announced a petition campaign calling on Crown Prince Mohamad Bin Salman and President Trump to release the remains of Jamal Khashoggi to his family.

Stanley Heller, Executive Director of MECC, said, “It’s been over a month a still the Saudis have not returned the remains or released any information about the location of the remains. Surely with 18 people in custody the facts are known to them. Why isn’t that information given to his family, the Trump Administration and the public? The Trump Administration should be demanding this information. Khashoggi was, after all, an American resident. We can only imagine the torment the family is feeling, first for the murder and second in that they cannot give their loved one a proper burial.”

Heller continued, “An awful possibility is that the Saudi government considers this detention of the body to be part of the punishment for Khashoggi’s dissent. According to the European Organisation for Saudi Human Rights the Saudis have detained or secretly buried the bodies of over 30 persons executed or killed by the government. It includes Khashoggi’s name on its ‘detained and missing bodies’ list.”

“Our petition calls for Khashoggi’s remains and the remains of all those executed or killed by the Saudi government to be given to their families. It can be seen at

“Though we are outraged at the murder we, of course, call for fair public trials for all accused, for reasons of fairness to them and so they may explain what they were ordered to do. They should be accorded full respect for their legal rights especially the ability of those accused to have access to lawyers. That the Saudi prosecutor claims that five people plead guilty to the murder and recommended they be put to death raises grave suspicions that these recommendations may not be voluntary.”

King Fahd Security College and UNH

“We also note that on November 15 the U.S. Treasury Department has announced that Salah al-Tubaigy was one of the 17 Saudis it has sanctioned for their role in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. MECC has been calling special attention to al-Tubaigy because he was on an editorial board of a journal of a Saudi forensic society with Henry C. Lee of the University of New Haven. The forensic society is housed at the King Fahd Security College (KFSC), an institution at which the University of New Haven has an active program. We have been calling for UNH to break its ties with this Saudi police/military college. As far as we can determine no other U.S. college aids any branch of Saudi state security”

As of 11/15 al-Tubaigy was still listed as a member of the Governing Board of the Saudi Society for Forensic Medicine.

A Disturbing KFSC Graduate

The KFSC is a police/military college. One of its most notorious graduates (see below) is the current Chief of State Security Abdulaziz Bin Muhammad Al-Huwairini. He is a past head of the Saudi Al-Mabahith. About this state organization Human Rights Watch said :

The Interior Ministry's feared Directorate of General Investigations (al-mabahith al-'amma) monitors suspected political opponents and others, targets individuals for arrest, and interrogates detainees. Mabahith agents operate with impunity and have been responsible for a wide range of human rights abuses, including arbitrary arrest, incommunicado detention, and torture.

Heller concluded, “We repeat our call for an investigation of University of Haven relationship with King Fadh Security College and its ties to this Saudi forensic medicine society.”

(Video of Al-Huwairini graduating from KFSC. View about 30 second in he is awarded his diploma by King Fahd himself.)

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