Opposes Call for U.S. War in Iraq and Syria

Press Release:

On February 12, 2015 the members of the Middle East Crisis Committee passed a resolution opposing further U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Syria. It reads:

The Middle East Crisis Committee opposes any U.S. declaration of war in the Middle East. U.S. interventions in the last two decades have caused the ruin of Iraq, Libya and Syria. U.S. governments have a long record of collaboration with rightist Islamic forces from the mujahedeen of Afghanistan to the princes of Saudi Arabia. U.S. forces are the last that should be asked to intervene in Iraq or Syria. What it can do to help the situation is cancel its $60 billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia and any states that have supported rightist Islamic forces in Iraq and Syria.
MECC Executive Director Stanley Heller said, "It's extraordinary that our government rushes from country to country in the Middle East launching invasions, sponsoring rebel forces and assassinating by drones without reflecting on the immense harm it is causing to peoples and to the democratic movements in the region. In particular our presidents never come clean about their use from time to time of ultra-right Islamic forces who in the end give rise to groups that attack Americans. Support for the mujahedeen in Afghanistan gave rise to Osama Bin Laden. Support for the Saudi funneling of rightist militants into Syria helped give birth to the Islamic State. The best thing the U.S. can do is keep our military out of the region and break with the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which fosters and finances a very cruel and bigoted version of Islam. The U.S, should cancel its weapons deal with Saudi Arabia."

The Middle East Crisis Committee was founded in New Haven in 1982 and is a human rights group set up to support personal and national rights of Middle East peoples. Its website is www.TheStruggle.org. It produces the TV show "The Struggle" which is shown on its website and widely on cable TV channels in the northeast.

By coincidence the New Haven Register today printed an op-ed written by Stanley Heller on Saudi Arabia