"The Syrian Tragedy: Failure of the Left and
the Need for a Movement of Solidarity" - Left Forum Panel 2015


Yusef_Khalil3_left_forum_ 2015_syria_tragedy (20K)
Hezbollah Action in Syria Has been a Disaster - ISIS, Nusra Part of Counterrevolution

yaseer munif2 at left forum panel syria tragedy (16K)
Leftists, Look at the Real Syria Not Just the Great Power Conflict

joseph daher2 2015 (14K)
Grassroots Organizing in Syria - Joseph Daher Part 1

joseph daher4 left forum 2015 (29K)
The Assad Regime Opposes the Interests of the Popular Classes

Elisa_m2_left_forum_ 2015 (25K)
Elisa Marvena, Solidarity Activism in Spain

Video of Q and A coming

Panel "Syrian Revolution, Yarmouk, Rojava: Politics of Solidarity"

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