The "Walk of Protest" to the Ruger Factory

at the factory2 (1302K)

Update: 5 minutes of video

On June 18, on a day that Gaza Palestinians Sabri Abu Khadir and and Zakariya Bashbash died of IDF gunshot wounds, eleven of us, including the esteemed Mazin Qumsiyeh, Director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History, walked a half mile each way in the heat to deliver our message to Sturm, Ruger & Co. We carried signs and two banners. Each banner read "No Sniper Rifles for Israel". On had a photo of legless 29 year-old man Ibrahim abu Thurayya who was shot dead by a sniper last December. Another had a photo of Razan an-Najjar, the medic who was gunned down at the start of this June '18 as she cared for the wounded.

The public response in the well-town of Fairfield, CT was gratifyingly positive. There were many who honked their horns or gave us the thumbs-up and one person spoke to the marchers and said he was "so glad" we were doing this. There was one negative, a fellow who yelled something about Arafat having billions in France.

We went up to the company building and a man in a Ruger shirt came out and spoke to Stanley Heller of MECC and Shelly Altman of JVP New Haven who were on their way to deliver a letter addressed to the comapany CEO and Chairman of the Board. He identified himself as a company vice-president. He was amiable enough, but explained he doubted the company would make any statment, that it didn't want to get involved in "politics". He said Rugers were almost all sold to distributors and they then were sold on. He claimed Ruger was abiding by all federal and international law. Despite our questions we really got no information about what Rugers were going to Israel.

It was a worthwhile effort. Video and photos coming. Watch this space.

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