MECC Approves Open Letter to Iran

siege-of-yarmouk-palestinian-refugee-camp (86K)

As you know siege and starvation are being used as weapons by various forces in Syria. MECC has be focusing on the damage done to Palestinians in Yarmouk camp for some time. Because of all kinds of pressure from UNWRA, Code Pink, various humanitarian agencies and the need to "look good" for the Geneva talks on Syria there has been some "easing" of the sieges in Yarmouk and Homs, but the situation is still intolerable.

At it's 2/13/14 meeting the Middle East Crisis Committee Added to its program this statement: "The use of hunger against mostly civilian targets is cruel and a war crime. We denounce its use against any civilian population in particular victims in Syria."

It also agreed to sign on to the Heller, Chomsky, PEP open letter to Iran on Yarmouk camp Please read it over and sign on to it yourself as an individual. Basically it says we are anti-war people who oppose attacks on Iran and Syria and we call for the Iranian government to use its influence with the Syrian government to end the siege of Yarmouk camp.

It also decided to send a letter to U.S. officials insisting it demand the Gulf Monarchies and Turkey, a NATO ally, stop sending weapons and funding to groups in Syria