Three Points About the Attack in Paris

1. It's essential to see Gilbert Achcar on Democracy Now! today (1/9/2015) talking about support by the U.S. and the "West" for Islamic extremism.

2. Before the Right and the Liberals huff and puff about Islam remind them that it is they who made Al Qaeda and its mutations into an international force. They fostered it to crush the Left in Pakistan and in Afghaistan, etc. What were local reactionairies because an international force courtesy of the U.S., Carter, Reagan, Charlie Wilson, the C.I.A., the Stingers, etc. They to this day support Saudi Arabia ruled by a family with the most extreme version of Islam, that continues to spread it around the world. It was they who winked when Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey sent in Islamists fighters into Syria. They sow the wind and we all reap the whirlwind.

3. We have got a problem. Whatever you call it, Political Islam, Jihadists, Islamic Extremists, these al Qaeda offshots are not going away. The same day of the Paris outrage Boko Haram killed hundreds in Nigeria. It is absolutely our enemy. That doesn't mean that force is the best way to deal with it, certainly not the mix of blind force and attempts to find a "good" and useful Al Qaeda that marks the policy of the West. And for damn sure the people of the "West" who screwed up the Middle East royally are the last people who should be entrusted with fixing it.


If the West wants to do something constructive it could break off relations with Saudi Arabia or at least suspend selling it weapons. Fat chance of that when it's working with Saudi Arabia to lower oil prices as a way of destroying Iran, Venezuela and Russia.

Joe Sacco uses his graphic art to discuss satire here. Sacco has created the comic book "Palestine" and books on Bosnia, poverty in the U.S. and World War I. His graphic of the Battle of the Somme was made into a giant mural and is in a Paris metro station.

Amer Zahr writes "I Won't Condemn"