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TV Show: "Saudi Princes Kill at Home and Abroad"

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In talks after a demonstration in Cambridge, MA Medea Benjamin and Rabyaah Althaibani talk about the Saudi regime, its horrendous human rights record at home and its outrageous invasion of Yemen *** The Struggle #618 *** see the Coalition to End the U.S.-Saudi Alliance

TV Show: "They're Going to Burn Every Drop of Fossil Fuel"- Tom Goldtooth

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Featuring Amy Goodman brief interview with Tom Goldtooth among the activists witnessing the Paris climate summit Dec. 2015 and portions of Goldtooth's Gandhi Peace Award speech (Oct 30) *** Artists and cultural workers support the boycott against Israel in a video produced by Adalah-NY*** Program #617

TV Show: "Kathy Kelly, Gandhi Peace Award Acceptance Speech"

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Featuring the acceptance speech of Kathy Kelly co-winner of the Gandhi Peace Award (2015) presented by Promoting Enduring Peace (Kelly introduced by Rev. David Good) *** Starting with a disturbing (leaked) screaming interrogation of a 13 year old Palestinian boy *** group of Palestinian haters try to shout down spokesperson Richard Colbath-Hess as he talks about subway ad for Palestinian human rights *** Program #616

TV Show: "Bishop Selders on Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter"

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Featuring a talk by Bishop John Selders in New Haven Oct 7, 2015 about his trips to Ferguson, MO (where he grew up) and the start of Moral Mondays. *** Starting with Stanley Heller talking about the cowardly House of Representatives vote on refugees *** protest in Harvard Square against the U.S-Saudi alliance and its Yemen war *** program #615

TV Show: "Gideon Levy: A Very Simple Real Estate Conflict"

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Featuring part of the Brandeis talk by Haaretz columnist and editor Gideon Levy *** interview with Levy about Israeli media and BDS *** starting with the murder in a hospital of a young Palestinian man, Abdullah Shalada *** news about an ad in a Boston subway *** University of Chicago's big settlement with Steven Salaita *** program #614

TV Show: "CT Union Federation Calls for BDS"

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CT AFL-CIO votes to call for national AFL-CIO to support BDS to support Palestinian Rights *** Featuring John Olsen former CT AFL-CIO President, and Rev. David Good, former Senior Minister at the Old Lyme Congregational Church talking about the labor delegation to Palestine/Israel of Sept 2015 *** opening with Israeli soldiers threatening to gas everyone in Aida camp *** BDS made illegal in France by court decision *** Andrew Bacevich talks about failed U.S. war strategy on Democracy Now! *** Remi Kanazi, Palestinian-American poet, recites "This Poem Will Not End Apartheid" - The Struggle #613

TV Show: "Indigenous from the Americas to Palestine"

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At Yale on October 12 there was a 2 day celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day. Interviews with Kodi Alvord, Haylee Kushi, and Sebastin Medina-Tabac. *** Comments by J. Kehaulani Kauanui about connections between Native Americans and Palestinians. *** Bassem Tamimi answers two questions after his NYC talk and shows video of Israelis shooting "skunk" into houses *** interview with Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, director of the Palestine Museum of Natural History during his visit to Cambridge, MA *** program #612

TV Show: "Uprising Due to Israeli Designs on Al- Aqsa"

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611 (73K)

Featuring an interview with Mazin Qumsiyeh talking about the reasons for the upsurge in the West Bank in October *** protest of San Francisco gala for Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces *** Israeli colonization of Hebron and how it contributed to the death of Dr. Hashem Azzeh *** shocking revelations by Pulitzer Prize winner Sonia Nazario of Obama gift of millions to Mexican government to brutally keep migrants and refugees away from U.S. border *** program #611

TV Show: "Popular Resistance in Nabi Saleh"

bassem tamimi3 (77K)

Featuring the second part of the talk by Bassem Tamimi whose family has led "popular resistance" in the West Bank town of Nabi Saleh and has suffered enormously for it. (first part of his videos and talk here ) Program starts with "routine" beating of Palestinian youth by two Israeli soldiers. We end with protest over Yale of the fact that one of its residential colleges is still named after the 19th century's biggest defender of slavery program #610

TV Show: "End the War on Yemen"

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*** Featuring protest in front of the United Nations of the Saudi led assault on Yemen 10/1/15 *** Bassem Tamimi of the West Bank Palestine town of Nabi Saleh speaks in New York City (part 1) *** comment on the U.S. attack on the Kunduz, Afghanistan hospital *** program #609 The Struggle has been shown weekly since 2003. It's on now on over 30 cable public access channels from Vermont to New York City and some parts of New Jersey. *** program #609

TV Show: "Freedom for Amer Jubran"

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Featuring protest before the Jordanian embassy in London calling for release of Amer Jubran, Palestinian-Jordanian, sentenced to 10 years at hard labor *** detailed look at IDF video of the killing of Yusuf Shawamreh *** 60,000 in U.S. say no new weapons for Israel *** more of the talks at the Brooklyn 350.org "Off+On" program *** program #608

TV Show: "Palestinians Protest Against PA Head Abbas"

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*** Protests against Abbas in Bethlehem and Gaza *** the murder in Hebron of Hadeel Hashlamoon, a Palestinian woman at a checkpoint. *** Netanyahu flys to Moscow to meet Putin to collaborate over Syria *** the first speeches at 350.org Out+In event in Brooklyn *** Yemen protest Oct 1 *** program #607

TV Show: "NYC Rally for Syrian Refugees"

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interviews (Hamid Imam, Karim Hammoud, Nerdeen Kiswami, Sarab Al-Jijakli) *** video from 350.org of the start of their Off+On event in Brooklyn *** Latuff cartoon on refugees and Hungary *** program #606

TV Show: "About 'The Real News'"

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*** Yemeni-CODEPINK demonstrations against the Saudi King *** news about the lack of arrests in the Israeli arson murders *** viral video from Nabi Saleh (woman overwhelming soldier) *** the warmongers are losers as Iran deal holds *** featuring two talk at the NYC's Left Forum about "The Real News" (reporter Eddie Conway and founder Paul Jay *** Program #605

TV Show: "As Obama Meets the Saudi King - Yemeni Deaths Mount"

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Featuring Democracy Now! coverage on the terrible results in Yemen of the Saudi-U.S. war on Yemenis. Also the new campaign to end the U.S.-Saudi alliance is announced. *** program starts with Israeli soldiers breaking up peaceful rally in protest of stealing of land and destroying ancient olive trees in Beit Jala, Occupied Palestine *** news about attack on leader of resistance in Bil'in *** protest rally in Times Square on the 2nd anniversary of the Assad regime chemical attack in Ghouta *** show #604

TV Show: "From Silwan to Sderot"

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Featuring interview with Nina Stein back from a 2015 Interfaith Peace Builders trip to Palestine/Israel that took place at the time of the firebombing murders in Duma. Among other places the tour visited Silwan (where the government wants to tear down Palestinian homes to recreate King David's mythical garden, Hebron, Jenin, Bil'in and Sderot. *** opening with very good BDS news about a U.S. national union *** Vic Lancia celebrates his 75th birthday by stopping SPECTRA trucks from building a methane gas pipeline *** program #603

TV Show: "Obama's Power Plant Measures Not Nearly Enough"

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News in Bil'in about an injury of a son of Iyad Bornat. *** 1,000 Black activists support Palestinian rights and BDS *** Reaction by two climate activists to Obama announcement *** More of Octavia Tayor's talk about her trip to the West Bank of Palestine. Program #602

TV Show: "A Visit to the West Bank of Palestine"

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*** featuring the first part of an illustrated talk by Octavia Taylor about what she saw in the West Bank in the fall of 2014 *** Pam Africa talks about what Philly police did to MOVE in her speech at the Newark 7/25 rally *** promo for 8/21 rally on Syria *** Yassamine Mather, Iranian exile, on the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal and the failure of the so-called "Islamic Revolution" to be able to resist the IMF and the chains of capitalism *** program #601

TV Show: "65 Killed in One U.S.-Saudi Attack"

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Featuring the results of one terrible bombing of factory housing in a city in Yemen *** the raid against the home of the victim in Duma, Palestine *** Upcoming worldwide protests of those killed in sarin gas attack in Syria in 2013 *** protest of airport expansion idea in New Haven *** satire for "Apartheid Adventures *** program #600

TV Show: "Newark - Black Lives Matter Rally/March"

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starting with a segment "The Burning of Palestinians" concerning the horrific murders last year and this of Palestinian children burned to death *** climate "dragon" walks in the streets of New Haven in protest *** featuring Newark July 25, 2015, "Million People's March" *** program #599

TV Show: "Fired for Letters to Mumia"

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Featuring a talk by Marylin Zuniga, an Orange, NJ teacher who was fired when her class wrote get well letters to Mumia abu Jamal *** portion of interview with Lawrence Hamm before Newark "Million Peoples March *** Yasser Munif on an important meeting in Istanbul in support of the Syrian revolution *** Eddie Conway on alternative media in prison *** program #598

TV Show: "A Methane Pipeline Near a Nuclear Plant?"

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Featuring the effort by towns near the Indian Point Nuclear plant to cancel plans to run a 42" natural gas pipeline a few hundred yards from the plant *** Paul Blanch press conference before he explains his petition to the Nuclear Regulator Commission *** TSVN interview with Paul Blanch *** program start with video from B'tselem showing the lie by an Israeli Colonel who killed a Palestinians *** also part of interview with Manolis Spathis in Athens about the twists and turns of Syriza and demonstrations against its deal with European bankers *** program #597

TV Show: "Million People's March on the 25th in Newark"

newark july 25_8 (111K)
Featuring outreach for Black Lives Matter protest coming to Newark, NJ, July 25 (Lawrence Hamm, Pam Africa, Larry Holmes and more) *** Hartford protest of police beating caught on cellphone *** Protesters Force 4 Israeli weapons factories to close *** Middletown, CT BDS protest ***The fight to resist banker austerity in Greece *** Program #596.

TV Show: "Flotilla Ship Marianne Seized on High Seas"

Marianne (48K)

The Marianne, part of Freedom Flotilla III, made it to withing 100 miles of Gaza before it was taken by Israeli commandos. Video in Portugal, Italy, Greece, interview with Lucas Stamellos *** Yusuf Khalil of the Global Campaign of Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution talks about the forces of Counterrevolution in Syria *** promo for Newark "Millions People's March" rally on July 25 *** celebration at NYC Gay Pride parade *** program #595

TV Show: "Standing Up to Billionaire Carl Icahn"

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Featuring the fight by the union at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City to keep health and pension benefits in the face of hardball tactics by new owner billionaire Carl Icahn ** starting with protest in New Haven after Charleston massacre ** Israeli soldiers beat and curse reporters and a passer-by ** Latuff cartoon exposing killer in Charleston massacre *** program #594 The union's Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/UNITEHERELocal54 A valuable site about the boycott and on which union hotels to visit is here: Unionhotelguide.org

TV Show: "Neutrality is Shameful - Show Solidarity"

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Featuring two speakers at a NYC Left Forum panel on Syria. Talal Alyan and Miriam Barghouti talk about Yarmouk camp, the area outside Damascus that is being destroyed by Assad and Nusra-ISIS. The speakers challenge the Left to show solidarity with the Palestinians and Syrian people fighting all those reactionary and murderous forces. *** also how a U.S. Navy exercise in the Gulf of Alaska will dump 350,000 pounds of year of toxics and junk in prime fishing grounds *** The Struggle #593

TV Show: "The Saudi Extremist Regime and How to Expose it"

al ahmed on Saud Arabia at MECC 2015 panel (27K)

Featuring Ali Al Ahmed, Naseer Alomari and Medea Benjamin at the Left Forum, 5/30/2015 **** Starting with Black Lives Matter protest in Hartford, CT that shut down a street for an hour including an interview with Bishop John Selders *** program #592

TV Show: "Hundreds March to Demand Measures
to Avoid Climate Catastrophe"

hartford blm june 8 (95K)
An estimated 500 marched in Hartford CT to demand action to prevent ever increasing greenhouse gases causing terrible effects on climate *** interviews with Ben Martin of 350ct.org and Anthony Sorge of Capitalism Vs. the Climate. *** final section of Alison Weir's talk about Zionism *** program #591

TV Show: "Israeli Hypocrisy on Refugees"

image for show 590_2 (80K)

*** featuring David Sheen talking about Jewish refugees in 1939 and African refugees in Israel *** Stanley Heller talks about how Netanyahu and Obama destroyed hope for a world agreement on nuclear weapons *** Alison Weir on political Zionism *** the outrage in the courtroom, the acquittal of a policeman who shot a black couple 15 times ** program #590

TV Show: "Alison Weir Wants Us to Know About Palestinian Deaths, Too"

image for show 589 (493K)

featuring Alison Weir, president of the Council on the National Interest and founder of If Americans Knew speaks in New Haven 5/21/15 about the under-reporting of Palestinian deaths in the U.S. media *** starting with a march of ZioFascists in Jerusalem chanting insults and "Kahane" *** photos of Code Pink activists in Korea *** program #589

TV Show: "CT to March for the Climate"

image of eickel poster (114K)

400,000 marched last Sept., but this week Obama approved Shell's mad plan to drill in the Arctic Ocean. CT climate march planned for 5/31 *** Israel Social TV on the May 2 demonstration opposing deportation of Black African refugees *** featuring the late David Dellinger's readings from his book "From Yale to Jail" *** program #588

TV Show: "Israeli Soldiers Admit to What they Did in Gaza"

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featuring Avner Gvaryahu about the new report from dissident Israeli soldiers called "This is How We Fought in Gaza 2014" *** interview with Susan Booth of Archway about the terrible mistreatment of the homeless children in Romania *** Mayday March in New Haven *** Stan Heller talks about the letter he sent to "60 Minutes" asking why they refuse to do a follow up story about the hundreds of thousands killed by U.S. officials in Iraq through sanctions (1990-2003) *** program #587

TV Show: "Mural Censored, Too Hot for the 1%"

solidarity alewitz mid size (142K)

*** Featuring Mike Alewitz on why a big NYC museum wouldn't allow his tribute to NYC workers to be shown *** march of Armenians in NYC on the 100th anniversary of the genocide in Turkey *** Peace and Planet rally/march *** program #586

TV Show: "U.S. Police as Occupiers"

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*** featuring part of Glen Ford's talk at CCSU on police and the Black Lives Matter Movement *** beginning with coverage of the occupation of the office of the president of Wesleyan University over investments in Israel, prison industries and fossil fuel companies *** reflection on a tweet about an Israeli who proudly said she was a terrorist in the Stern Gang *** interview with Lia Tarachansky of "The Real News" *** Latuff cartoon on Turkish govt attempt to downplan Armenian genocide *** program #585

TV Show: "NYC Solidarity with Yarmouk Camp"

image for show 584 (65K)

*** Featuring NYC Solidarity March with Yarmouk Camp in Damascus 4/9/2015 *** more of Israeli-Russian Lia Tarachansky's talk in New Haven *** part of Angela Davis' speech at the Jewish Voice for Peace national meeting in Baltimore *** program #584

TV Show: "Lia Tarachansky, Filmmaker and Video Journalist"

image for show 583 (23K)

*** Starting with a call to attend the Planet and Peace march in NYC in late April ***Featuring remarks by Israeli-Russian filmmaker and Real News reporter Lia Tarachansky *** cartoons about Yarmouk and Yemen *** wicked rap satire on Palestine/Israel by RapNews of Australia *** Program #583

TV Show: "Jewish Voice for Peace Joins the Majors"

image for program 582 (38K)
A Jewish peace group for the first time can be said to 1) support the full Palestinian call on BDS and 2) be a significant player in the Jewish community. TSVN interviews Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director of JVP and plays part of Rabbi Brandt Rosen's speech. We also interview Rev. Heber Brown III who spoke at the March 2015 JVP meeting. He talks about a Baltimore police brutality incident. *** Program #582

TV Show: "Revelations about the Attack on Gaza"

interview hannibal (57K)
Featuring two interviews with Eran Efrati talking about what Israeli soldiers told him about Gaza in 2014 including how the Hannibal Procedure was used. (in this "procedure" Israelis kill Israeli soldiers to prevent their capture *** starting with Pacific Warriors of 350.org and the typhoon that wrecked Vanuatu *** The Struggle #581

TV Show: "Supporting War Crimes - Tax Free"

image for show 580-2 (65K)
*** NYC protest by Adalah-NY of lavish fundraiser for the "Friends of the Israel Defense Force" *** Israeli solider set dogs on Palestinian youth *** Heller calls for outrage over Israeli support for al-Qaeda linked force in Syria *** Jim Wright of the ICAN, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, preview of talk about a case in Baltimore similar to the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson *** program #580

TV Show: "As the Israeli Navy Kills Another Palestinian Fisherman"

image for show 579 (47K)
Fisherman Tawfiq Abu Ryala was killed off the coast of Gaza by the Israeli Navy doing its usual deadly harassment, some of which is shown in Fida Qishta's film "Where Should the Birds Fly?" *** Fida Qishta does Q and A after a showing in CT *** John Feffer interview about the monies spent on nuclear weapons vs. the money that needs to be spent to fight global warming *** Hugh Gusterson on the culture of atomic scientists at Livermore Lab and Los Alamos *** Train Your Police in Israel - Satire from "Apartheid Adventures" *** Latuff cartoon in memory of Yasar Kemal, a Turkish author of Kurdish origins *** The Struggle #579

TV Show: "Making Nuclear War More Personal"

nuclear more personal5 (130K)
*** developer of app that shows what nuclear bomb will do to your area http://nuclearsecrecy.com/nukemap/ *** interview with Helen Caldicott at her NYC conference "The Dynamics of the Possibility of Nuclear Extinction" *** Noam Chomsky speaking at Caldicott conference *** Code Pink at AIPAC conference challenges Netanyahu *** "Indian"mascots are insulting, North Haven petition to be delivered 3/12, interview with Talia Gallagher. Comment by Sebastian Medina-Tayac *** Show #578

TV Show: "The New Iraq War"

patrick cockburn on dn2 (283K)

featuring Patrick Cockburn on Democracy Now talking about the strength of Islamic State (ISIS) and the "West's" strategy to combat it with Shia militias *** starting with shocking information in a TSVN interview with the parents of Rachel Corrie (murdered by IDF 2003) *** also Feb. 15 protest in New York *** speakers at forum "After the People's Climate March" Dan Fischer and Jeremy Brecher*** The Struggle #577

TV Show: "Syriza and the Fight Against Austerity"

akrivos feb 3 2015 mid (53K)

Featuring portions of talks in NYC, Feb. 6, 2015 after the big win the anti-austerity coalition Syriza in the Greek election (organized by CPD) *** Prof. Robert Riggs on the big money that's spreading Islamophobia *** As "American Sniper" idolizes a man who thought Iraqis "savages" we look back at the words of former Marine Sargent Jimmy Massey **** The Struggle #576 (Things are moving very fast on Greece. See our archive.) *** Show #576

TV Show: "Racism at the Heart of the 'War on Drugs'"

show 575 image2 (30K)
*** MECC says NO US Declaration of War *** How hatred of Blacks played a major role in the origin of the drug war *** Sister Simone Campbell on immigration and on war *** two satires from Apartheid Adventures *** The Struggle #575

TV Show: "13 Years of the Failed War on Terror"

vijay prashad 2014 thirteen years (22K)

Featuring Vijay Prashad, professor at Trinity College in Hartford speaking about the 3 failed strategies used by Bush and Obama *** starting with news about U.S. efforts to join the war in Ukraine *** Code Pink responds to charge that it "physically threatened" Henry Kissinger *** The Struggle #574

TV Show: "Crushed at a Checkpoint"

al-taybe_cage3 (95K)

Featuring parts of an interview with Ronny Perlman of Checkpoint Watch about the treatment of Palestinian workers at Israeli checkpoints *** al-Sisi forces killed at least 18 on January 25 the day that should be a happy memorial of the start of the revolution Two young Egyptians talk about the situation in Egypt *** At the forum in CT "After the People's Climate March" Terry Eickel and Camila Apaza Mamani are interviewed *** new cartoon by Latuff on Hezbollah/Israel standoff *** The Struggle #573

TV Show: "Methane is a Bridge to Nowhere"

cromwell sit down fracked methane (410K)

*** Two arrested in Cromwell, CT outside SPECTRA project to increase size of methane pipelines and compressor stations *** Jen Siskind talks about fracking *** Democracy Now! explains Saudi king was a dictator *** cultural group in Aida camp, Al-Rowwad *** The Struggle #572

TV Show: "Murder at Camp Delta"

show 570 hickman2 (29K)
*** Featuring part of Democracy Now's explosive interview with a former sergeant at Guantanamo who says three prisoners were murdered in 2006. *** Witness to Torture action in the U.S. Senate building. *** Barbara Lubin tell why she founded MECA *** The Struggle #571

TV Show: "Gaza in the Cold"

show 570 photo2 (49K)

*** Featuring B'tselem's video about a man living in the ruins of Gaza after his home was destroyed *** starting with photos of checkpoint where construction worker was crushed to death in the West Bank *** Mahmoud abu Odeh talks about treatment of undocumented Palestinian workers *** Sahar Vardi talks about how militarism is drummed into Israels at an early age and how important weapons sales are to the Israeli economy *** The Struggle #570

TV Show: "Robert Hillary King - The Angola 3"

robert hillary king 4 (42K)

*** Robert Hillary King spent over 30 years in in the infamous Angola Prison of Louisiana, mostly in solitary, targeted because of his membership in the Black Panther Party. He was freed in 2001 after his conviction was overthrown. He spoke in New Haven in August 2014.**** Also video of "routine" at Israeli checkpoint in Hebron *** Construction worker killed at al-Tayba checkpoint *** The Struggle #569

TV Show: "The NYC Police Shootings - No Reason for Panic"

blacklivesmatter (48K)

*** Journalist Davey D's remarks contrasting reaction of police to killings of their own in Nevada and Brooklyn *** Obama has just weeks to veto the Keystone XL pipeline *** Young American shot in Egypt in 2013 *** song by Phil Mansour about Gaza *** Latuff cartoon on Korea *** The Struggle #568

TV Show: "Making Sure We'll Torture Again"

show 567 picture (27K)

*** The Struggle host Stanley Heller talks about a little mentioned blowback of the C.I.A. torture program and criticizes the fact that the only person in jail as a result of the program is John Kiriakou, a former C.I.A. employee who exposed it. *** time lapse photography of the entire march of tens of thousands in NYC to protest police killings of unarmed people *** featuring a discussion of the rise of the Islamic State and how the peace movement should respond: scholar and activist Elaine Hagopian, Cole Harrison, Massachusetts Peace Action and Marilyn Levin of the United National Anti-War Coalition *** Latuff cartoon on the "triumph" in Afghanistan *** The Struggle #567

TV Show: "The Rab'a Massacre Was Not an Isolated Incident"

abdelhamid 5 (52K)

*** Featuring Rana Abdelhamid on the continuing horrors in Egypt. *** Medea Benjamin on Obama/Kerry support for the al-Sisi gang. *** Show opens with hundreds of Yale Law School students protesting police brutality *** Rabbi Arik Ascherman on mistreatment of Israeli Bedouin by the government *** bit of interview with psychologist who designed and defends CIA torture *** Show #566

TV Show: "The Planned Massacre"

omar shakir9 (25K)
*** featuring Omar Shakir talking about the Human Rights Watch report on the massacre in Rab'a Square in Cairo in Aug. 2013 and the evidence that it was planned beforehand *** the program opens with New Haven protest against the grand jury decision in Ferguson *** two Americans in Jerusalem not allowed to walk on a sidewalk because of their religion *** marchers tear gassed in Hebron *** program #565

TV Show: "No One Can Be An Israeli"

show 564 picture3 (40K)

*** starting with New Haven marchers protesting the Ferguson grand jury decision to let the Ferguson policeman walk even though he shot unarmed Michael Brown to death *** As Israel considers a law declaring Israel to be the state of "Jews only" Ofra Lyth talks about Israel's strange nationality laws. Last year its Supreme Court decided that on all important identity documents one had to be a Jew or one of a hundred other nationalities. No one could select the nationality "Israeli". If effect no one can be an Israeli (see her full talk here ) *** preview of next week's show on Egypt *** Program #564

TV Show: "The Surprising Apartheid Against Mizrahi Jews in Israel"

smadar lavie4 (48K)

*** featuring an interview with Smadar Lavie about deep divisions between Western and Eastern Jews inside Israel *** Starting with Irish protest against Israeli IDF officer in Dublin *** criticism of actor spreading lies about Vietnam era protesters *** Matthew Hoh on Iraq war veteran suicides *** The Struggle #563

TV Show: "How Israel Gets Kids to "Confess""

karkashian cape cod3 (27K)

*** Israeli soldiers and prison officials brutalize and terrify youths and children until they admit to offenses. So says Ivan Karkashian of Defence of Children International Palestine in an interview in Harwich, Cape Cod. He was a speaker at the Tree of Life Conference 2014. *** also an interview with Travis Harden, a Lakota just back from Palestine *** "The Struggle" #562 begins with a tribute to the late Iraq veteran and protester Tomas Young with video of legendary talk show host Phil Donahue talking about his film about young "Body of War" *** Program #562

TV Show: "Gail Walker on Cuba and Pastors for Peace"

walker3 (58K)

*** Gail Walker gave the Schaefer lecture for Promoting Enduring Peace. She talked about Cuba and the caravan to Cuba that Pastors for Peace sponsors each year *** Israeli resister Danielle Laor interviewed in Cape Cod *** Apartheid Adventures satirical look at Ahava cosmetics *** The Struggle #561

TV Show: "Worse Than Apartheid"

Palestinian_state_proposal_by_Latuff2 (82K)

*** Program starts with Latinos and others protesting Obama policy on immigrants *** Featuring Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee on House Demolitions talking about Apartheid Israel and the even worse direction its headed *** interview with Daud Nasser about Tent of Nations and the destruction of a fruit orchard by Israeli troops this year *** The Struggle Video News #560

TV Show: "Home Demolitions in Israel: One Family's Experience"

bulldozer over shawamreh house (69K)

*** Featuring Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions talking about the Shawamreh family.**** also "routine" tear-gassing of kids in Hebron *** Vijay Prashad remarks on Saudi Arabia ----The Struggle Video News program #559

TV Show: "Israel's 'One State'"

show 558-2 (42K)

***Jeff Halper of the "Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions" tells how the Israeli government destroyed the "Two-State Solution" and explains the important role of demolitions of Palestinian housing in the occupation. Also a note on American Mohammad Soltan who has been in an Egyptian jail and who has been on hunger strike since the start of the year.

TV Show: "Mohammed Omer Speaks at the Russell Tribunal"

omer tribunal3 (54K)

*** Palestinian Journalist Mohammed Omer speaks at the Russell Tribunal on Palestine in Brussels, Belgium Sept 2014. He talks about several little known horrors of Israel's Gaza attack - The Struggle Video News #557

TV Show: "How Israel Treats Black African Refugees"

Holot for african refugees (31K)

*** Featuring selections from David Sheen's video "Israel's War on Africans" *** Also a reflection on the slogan "Support the Troops" and a tribute to Afghan War Veteran Jacob George *** The Struggle Video News #556

TV Show: "People's Climate March - 400K Wow!!"

long sign show 555 (44K)

*** Six minutes of the march *** Naomi Klein at Climate Convergence *** Immortal Technique brings down the house *** Glimpse of Bread and Puppet Theater pagent *** The Struggle #555

TV Show: "A Talk with Jeff Halper"

talk with halper2 (67K)

*** trailer for the climate video "Disruption" *** June 2014 interview with Jeff Halper of the the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions *** Children delighted as a skunk truck... Show #554

TV Show: "Climate Movement Wins Over Massachusetts Prosecutor"

sutter holding mckibben article2 (47K)

*** Prosecutor drops major charges against climate activists because he realizes climate is in peril (report from Democracy Now) *** Stanley Heller answer Obama's call for more war *** Code Pink protest in Sen Warren's office over Gaza *** Satire - Apartheid Adventures *** The Struggle #553

TV Show: "All Out for the Climate"

all out for the climate 2 (47K)
Bill McKibben takes apart Obama's Climate idea, CT union leaders say "Go to the People's Climate March", promo for Bridgeport rally, Labor Day Rally Remembers the Rampage against Gaza, Show #552

TV Show: "Jews Disgusted with Israeli Attack"

ifnotnowwhen_banner (55K)
*** New group of U.S. Jews #IfNotNowWhen stages protest in Manhattan. *** Show starts with the horrendous sufferings of Maha a little girl of Gaza *** Holocaust survivors criticize Elie Wiesel and Netanyahu *** The Death of Auschwitz survivor and anti-Zionist Hajo Meyer *** Maryam al-Khawaja, Bahraini activist, on Syria *** inspiration on the Manhattan bridge *** The Struggle Video News #551

TV Show: "#ActOnClimate"

bport act on climate (64K)

*** promo for Sept 21 climate rally in NYC *** Sept 13 rally in Bridgeport, music, food, speakers *** killing of Michael Brown and Hartford protest *** Palestinians and the ALS Bucket of Water challenge - No Can Do *** Some Palestinians paying 40% of income for water

TV Show: "Protests from DC to Tel Aviv"

show 548 pic (107K)

*** In Washington DC ANSWER and Code Pink protest the slaughter in Gaza. *** The response to Sen. Blumenthal's awful letter. ***Rev. David Good ***Pastor Tim Keyl, Bethesda Lutheran Church *** 5,000 protest in Tel Aviv, Israel *** Lippman - BDS Boycott Song *** It's Coming, Sept 21, Massive "Peoples Climate March" ***Show #548

TV Show: "Rally: End the Agony of the Palestinians"

show 547 (99K)

*** Wallace Shawn narrates celebrity tribute to Palestinian dead. *** Prayer - "A New Dayenu" Stanley Heller*** Michael Jefferson, attorney, activist, *** Mongi Dhaouadi, Executive Director, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CT) *** march to Ct Treasury Building to protest its millions in Israel Bond holdings *** die-in at CT Senator Chris Murphy's office (The Struggle #547)

TV Show: "After the Lynching"

lynch victim in jerusalem2 (240K)

*** After the lynching of Mohammad Abu Khudair, marching in Shuafat, video of beating of victim's cousin Tarek *** at the Left Forum at the end of May, Toby Kramer of the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network and Max Geller of Students for Justice in Palestine (Northeastern campus)...(Show 544)

TV Show: "Mayhem in the Middle East "

racist says butcher the arabs2 (109K)

*** Murder and lynching in Jerusalem *** video of racist woman in Hebron saying, "Butcher Arabs" as she attacks them on the street *** "Where Shall We Go?", say New Haven Homeless *** Chris Hedges, Q and A... (The Struggle #543)

TV Show: "For Some the Vietnam War Hasn't Ended "

black and white laos2 (186K)

*** Howard Machtinger of Veterans for Peace project "Full Disclosure" explains how many veterans opposes the Obama 13 year "commemoration" of the Vietnam War. **** Susan Schnall (Vietnam Agent Orange Relief and Responsibilty) talks about continuing effects of Agent Orange on Vietnamese and Americans. *** From Democracy Now - Cluster Bombs continue to explode and maim in Laos *** BBC staff holds silent protest for journalists imprisoned by Al Sisi regime... *** The Struggle #542

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How the Zionists Use Lawfare (#540)

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Cornel West at the Left Forum (#539)

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Calls for Defiance (The Struggle #538)

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CIA Marches against Keystone (Show #537)

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Medea Benjamin Gandhi Peace Award Speech (Show #536)

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Whistleblowers (Show #535)

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Incarceration Nation (Show #534)

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Miko Peled at the Tree of Life (part 2) (Show #533)

miko peled at tree of life2 (10K)
Miko Peled at the Tree of Life (part 1) (Show #532)

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Chris Hedges - Rebellion Needed (Show #531)

medea_b_to_receive_gandhi (11K)
Medea Benjamin to Receive Gandhi Peace Award (#530)

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Maya Wind - Tree of Life (Show #529)

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100 Women Denied Entry to Egypt (Show #528)

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Code Pink Pickets AIPAC (Show #527)

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Voices Across the Divide (Show #526)

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Why are Egyptians Applauding? (Show #525)

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The Ambush (Show #524)

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Blumenthal part 2, Katie Myers on the Stamford 14 (Show #523)

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Max Blumenthal on Israeli Racism (part 1)(Show #522)

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Teaching with Sonic Booms (Show #521)

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Israel's Repression Industry (Show #520)

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IDF Veteran Speaks Out (Show #519)

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Nablus and Balata Camp (Show #518)

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Gaza Flooded, Then Ignored (Show #517)

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Some Progress in Palestine Support (Show #516)

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Routine Intimidation

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Israeli Army Veteran - "Our Harsh Logic"

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South African on Israel and Apartheid

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Change the Name or Sell the Team

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Malalai Joya in Boston

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Gaza's Ark Will Sail

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Deir Yassin Survivor

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No More War!

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Our 500th Show!