Teach-In Explodes Myths about Syrian Revolution

A curious agreement of some sections on the Left and much of the Right has put the Syrian uprising against the Assad regime into the graveyard. Supposedly the revolt failed and that the rebels are all mad al-Qaeda branches and wannabees. Without minimising the danger to the uprising by the two counter-revolutionary forces (Assad and takfiri), speakers at the forum presented a different picture.

Here's an article about the Nov. 17 New York City event at NYU.


nadar_atassi (18K)
It's Not an Alawite Vs. Sunni Fight - Nadar Atassi

ella_wind (18K)
Damascus at the Beginning of the Revolution - Ella Wind

munif2 (25K)
Yasser Munif on Syrian Revolution: Global Designs, Regional Maps, and an Invisible Revolution

Budour_Hassan (22K)
Budour Hassan: Palestine and the Syrian Revolution (by Skype)

achcar1 (27K)
Gilbert Achcar: Syria in the Context of the Arab Uprisings

achcar2 (31K)
The Controversy Over Achcar's Position on Libya questioned by Stanley Heller

More About Achcar and the Question of Whether it's Ever Right to Seek Aid from the Great Powers