Hartford Press Conference and Rally Against NSA Spying

Now the NSA Does Triple Hop - David McGuire

U.S. Data Hoarders See U.S. People as "The Enemy" - Peter Goselin

NSA Spying - It's Muslims Today, It May be You Tomorrow - Imam Kasheef Abdul Karim

"Regret the Israelis Imposing Apartheid Conditions on the Palestinians" - Mike Winterfield

Fearing that Your Name Gets Put on a List of People to Be Watched - Deborah Cohen

Massive NSA Spying is Not Going to Stop Us - Mongi Dhaouadi

"History Says We Can Roll Back Government Police State Measures" - Christine Gauvreau

chants, demonstration, first half of speeches (second half of "The Struggle" #495)

signs, protest march and second half of speeches at press conference - (second half of "The Struggle" #496)

and if you think this doesn't really matter to you see what happened to a Long Island Family when a mother "googled" pressure cookers