Netanyahu Before Congress 2015

The Lies, #SkiptheSpeech and John Stewart's Satire

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satire from Slobodná Palestína

The Lies

Robert Kelly, former director of analysis at the IAEA

Editors of Mondoweiss Examine the Speech

New York Times Notes Netanyahu is Making Even More Demands

Who Skipped the Speech

In the last few years Congress has slavishly supported Israel, for instance standing behind Netanyahu's murderous assault on Gaza last summer without dissent. Yet now a significant number publicly made of show of not listening to the Israeli PM. True, some of it is because of the supposed insult to Obama, but we can start with that and keep on truckin'. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the Black community.

MSNBC Says 44 Skipped

USA Today Says Around 60

Pelosi Said She was "near to tears" during Speech

The #SkipTheSpeech action didn't come out of nowhere. A number of activist groups took it up like Jewish Voice for Peace, Code Pink, US Campaign to End the Occupation, Just Foreign Policy and others. Impressive.

Compare what happened this week to the reception Netanyahu got in 2011 when only a few brave Code Pink women dare to challenge the wall to wall support for Netanyahu by the politicians.

Even in the Corporate Media

John Stewart Called the Reception by Congress the Longest B**Job a Jewish Man Has Ever Received
and He Mocks Obama's Tepid Response

Dave Ross Knows a Call to War When He Hears One

Chris Matthews Response

But the Saudis Like the Speech

And in the Israel Election Campaign

A Small Bump for Netanyahu

His party, Likud, is still running slightly behind the Zionist Union (the merger of Sharon's old party and Labour). The third largest party is the United Arab List.

Jews have criticized his vile racism towards all Iranians by bringing up the alleged history of Purim and the supposed eternal hatred of Persians towards Jews. Read here "By Bringing up Purim Netanyahu Calls for Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran" and "Purim: When Bad History Makes Bad Policy"

Purim's dark side is the celebration of pre-emptive killing of 75,000 Persians. Is it an accident that Baruch Goldstein's mass murder of 29 Palestinians took place during that holiday?

Sorry, Bibi: Iran is bad, but it is no Amalek, Haman or even Nazi Germany - Peter Beinart