Major TV Station Reports on Starvation from Syria Sieges

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Feb. 7. Last week we featured Dani Qappani from besieged Moadamiyeh on our TV program #625.

On February 5 Richard Engel of NBC news interviewed him over the internet. Please spread around the report.

The report does have one flaw.

Richard Engels says the "opposition forces are doing the same thing to government strongholds". From what I read Assad's sieges are 20 or 30 times more numerous than that from "opposition" forces. Engels makes it all seem equivalent and leads to people throwing up their hands and turning their backs on the situation. Also the use of the term "opposition forces" makes it seem they are all one bunch. From what I understand Free Syrian Army forces are not putting civilians under siege.

A writer on Dani Qappani's Facebook page, Ruthanne Ashkar, put it this way, "I hate how they are constantly including that this is being done by the FSA in regime controlled areas as well. It is not true but for some reason the media feels the need to try to be impartial. The Free Syrian Army issued a statement a few days ago saying that they respect the lives of all Syrians and that humanitarian aid as well as airdrops by the Russian planes have been providing food for the people in the areas they had surrounded. With the access the regime has to gaining information from its own supporters why are their no photos of starving people coming from areas that support the regime? And we know from videos that Dani posted after this interview was conducted that the Red Cross delivered aid to the regime supporters right in front of starving people trapped on the other side of the regime checkpoint that holds them prisoner." [bold face emphasis added]

However, despite its flaws this national TV segment should be widely spread along with a list of demands:

a) UN airdrops of food now to Moadamiyeh b) UN convoys to towns most seriously under siege without asking permission from Assad c) popular sanctions against Russia and Iran - boycott their exports d) a whole list of BDS against the Putin-ites e) demands that the media do more reports like Engels' f) sending this link to US and European politicians What else?

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