Things You Can Do to End the Saudi-U.S. War on Yemen

students in tunnel (13K)
Students Studying in Tunnel After Their School Destroyed

March 26 of of 2015 Saudi Arabia started a horrendous bombing attack on Yemen which continues to this day. Ben Norton reports on Salon that over 2,500 civilians have been killed. Over 14 million are now "food insecure". The Saudis have created a "coalition" to help them including the genociders of Sudan, the bloody dictator Al-Sisi of Egypt and the U.S. and British.

CT Senator Murphy has spoken out against continued U.S. support for Saudi crimes in Yemen... Senator Murphy on Public Radio International, March 16.... Murphy before the U.S. Senate.

Here are 6 things you can do.

1. If you live in Connecticut Sign on to this petition based on the MoveOn petition site which we started 3/16/16

2. Rally at 1 p.m. on March 30 outside Yale Law School (the home of the Kamel Center donated by Saudi billionaire Abdullah Kamel)
127 Wall St. (corner of High St.) in New Haven with signs and banners against the war.

3. Call your member of Congress and tell him/her about CT Senator Murphy's call for suspension in arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Ask your members of Congress to join with Murphy and speak out.

4. Ask Democracy Now! to interview Senator Murphy and otherwise cover the year anniversary of the Yemen war.
Reach the program by sending an email to:

5. Write letters and "op-eds" for your local media.

6. Read up on the situation at and the Yemen archive at

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