Egypt Cops Break Medea's Arm - State Department Does Nothing - CT Protest Planned

Meaea Benjamin was to join a 100 women delegation to Gaza. When she arrived in Egypt she was detained for seven hours and when 5 men came to deport her they jumped on top of her dislocated her shoulder and broke her arm. She was forced on a plane and take to Turkey. Despite call after call, the State Department did nothing.

Medea phone call on Democracy Now 3/4

Protest Planned in CT

Protest Obama at CCSU Tomorrow, Wed. March 5

Starting at Noon


Obama's Collaboration with Egypt's Dictator

His Horrible Drone Warfare Policy

State Department Indifference to the Assault on Medea Benjamin in Egypt

12 noon

Corner of Stanley St. and Paul Manfort Dr. (GPS 5 Manfort Dr.)

We'll be there several hours

We may march onto campus

Dress warmly. There should be some public parking in the Charter Oak College Parking lot, 40 Paul Manfort Drive. Otherwise park on the street.

Bring signs and banners

Initial sponsors: Middle East Crisis Committee, Council on Islamic Relations (CT), Promoting Enduring Peace