Latest on the Lynchings

Suspected Leader of Gang That Lynched Abu Khudair Finally Named
Two in the gang are juveniles. Three who were arrested were let go. There were reports they were in the "cell", but had nothing to do with the particular lynching. Can you imagine a Palestinian in a similar "cell" who would be treated that way?

Israeli police ransack Tariq Abu Khdeir family home in Apparent Revenge Raid

Jewish and Palestinian "Suspects" are Treated Differently - Juliana Hamada

July 15. Lynchers Will Cop a Plea After Claiming "Temporary Insanity"

July 7. Three Israelis Confess to the Lynching But Names Not Made Public and, of course, Their Houses Not Demolished

Israeli Cops Sread Story that Lynch Victims was Gay and Gruesome Murder was an "Honor Killing"

Shuafat "Neighborhood" is Really a Refugee Camp

Ha'aretz: Six Israelis arrested for lynching - no names released

Suspect arrested in killing of 3 Jewish youths

Beaten cousin of lynch victim sentenced to house arrest

Disgusting Article in the Algemeiner Speculates That Abu Khadir's Lynching was
Done by Arabs for "Sexual" Reasons

Badly beaten Palestinian-American from Tampa