Three Letters to the Sturm Ruger CEO

screenshot of sniper in Dec 2017 shot to cheers of soliders (19K)
screenshot from viral video of man shot by Israeli sniper

Sturm, Ruger & Co, Inc., based in Southport(Fairfield) Connecticut, is the biggest gun manufactuer in the U.S. From this page on its website we see that it sold its rifles to the Israeli military since at least the late '80 though the 2000's. A page on a firearm blog indicates the sales were ongoing through 2015. The Ruger company has not answered our questions or responded to our appeal to stop selling its rifles to Israel.

first letter to Ruger, reporting on the sniper killing of Ibrahim Abu-Thurayya,a man without legs

second letter to Ruger, after the March 30 Land Day massacre, sent via web and printed letter

letter #3 after the sniper killings against the #GreatReturnMarch have exceeded 30

As of the afternoon of April 12, the company has not responded to any of our emails or print letter.

Update April 13, 2018 Here on an Israeli Special Forces "fan" page we see them proudly showing a Ruger 10/22 in a photo from Feb. 3 which they say they've gotten from the IDF, the Israel Defense Force.

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