Letter of Protest to Stars Appearing at ADL Fundraiser

A letter by a group of Jews to Trevor Noah (6K)

Trevor Noah, You’re Going to Raise Funds for the ADL?

Are you Kidding?

Comedian and host of “The Daily Show” Trevor Noah will be entertaining Sunday 11/11 in Bridgeport, CT at a fundraising event for the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL was set up a hundred years ago to fight anti-Jewish hatred, but for a long, long time it spends most of its time as a blind defender of Israel and its Jewish-supremacy state.

It smears human-rights activists when it thinks Israel’s interests demand it. During the 1980’s it lied about Nelson Mandela and the South African freedom struggle because Israel had great relations with apartheid South Africa. That should be of particular interest to you, Trevor Noah, as a South African who has written about your suffering from racism.

Nowadays the ADL is, unbelievably, involved in police training. It coordinates programs bringing U.S. police to study in Israel, as if U.S. police should learn anything from ethnic-profiling, gun-happy Israeli forces. You know which U.S. communities will pay the price for this “education”.

Some have told us that in view of the Pittsburgh #SynagogueMassacre we should stay silent because the ADL is once again speaking out against anti-Semitism. But is it saying anything useful? Will it mention the river of hate spewing from the top politicians, the very same politicians which it collaborates to support every cruel measure taken by the Israel's government against Palestinians? Will it denounce Jewish establishment leaders who use the blood shed by victims of a Nazi to paint supporters of Palestinian rights as anti-Semites? Will it criticize politicians who have the gall to take this moment to call the peaceful pressure of BDS campaigns as anti-Jewish hate?

We are Jewish people who don't think the ADL is worthy of any support.

Trevor Noah, you know better. What you’re doing is not funny.


Elizabeth Aaronsohn
New Britain, CT

Jan Bauman
San Rafael, CA

Jacob Beilenson
student, Wesleyan University

Elizabeth Block
Toronto, Canada
Member of Independent Jewish Voices

Prof. Daniel Boyarin
UC Berkeley

Phil Brewer

Carol Dalgarno
student, Wesleyan University

Judith A. Fieldstone
Chevy Chase, MD

Dan Fischer
South Bend, Indiana

Amy Geiger
student, Wesleyan University

Stanley Heller
Host “The Struggle” Video News

Louis Hirsch
Chicago, Il

Michael Letwin
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
Labor for Palestine

Leslie Singer Lomas
Boulder, CO

David Makofsky
Oakland CA

Madeline Matz
student, Wesleyan University

Laura Myerson
Cortlandt Manor, NY

Henry Noble,

Leah Pensler
student, Wesleyan University

Karen R. Pomer,
Los Angeles, CA co-founder Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
grand-daughter of Henri B. van Leeuwen, survivor of Bergen Belsen
the same camp Anne Frank and her sister perished in.

Aviv Rau
student, Wesleyan University

Burton Steck

Marsha Steinberg
los Angeles CA,

Dr Abraham Weizfeld

Rachel Williams
student, Wesleyan University

We have learned that Trevor Noah has cancelled due to illness, but he will be replaced by Whoopi Goldberg! How can she be so reactionary? The “skills” the IDF teaches U.S. police will be used primarily against the black community.


“Daily Show” host Trevor Noah will be doing a fundraiser for the ADL on Nov. 11 at the Klein Memorial Auditorium in Bridgeport, CT. Tickets $125, $300 and more

The ADL and its campaigns against Palestinians and South Africans are described in the articles below.

ADL facilities (militarized) Israeli training of U.S. police

and this

Michelle Goldberg talks about ADL attacks on Mandela and its surveillance of the U.S. Left that led to a successful lawsuit against it

about the ADL role in the arrest and imprisonment and decades long harassment of the LA8

the ADL’s chief investigator on the West Coast was a man name Bullock who among other things trailed South African anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani in California. 10 days later Hani was assassinated in South Africa.

Trevor Noah, South African from Johannesburg. He wrote a book about his life under Apartheid which is described as “raw” and “harrowing” in this NYT review

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