We Jews Oppose Calls for the U.S. to Bomb Syria

We are appalled that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee is sending hundreds of people to lobby Congress to approve a resolution to bomb Syria. The media also reports that Sheldon Adelson and the Republican Jewish Coalition are pushing hard for war. We don't want it to be known that Jews stood silent as the powerful Israel lobby helped push the U.S. into a war in defiance of international law and American public opinion.

The Israeli government should stop pointing the finger and admit its own abuses of chemicals. It used white phosphorus in its terrible 2008 attack on Gaza. Over the years it has used tear gas recklessly and killed and sickened many, many Palestinians.

The Israeli government's apparent belief that Jews are better off if Arab or Muslim countries are devastated one after another must be challenged and repudiated.

petition started 9/9/2013

Stanley Heller, host of The Struggle Video News, Connecticut
Liz Aaronsohn, Ed.D., retired professor, daughter of a rabbi
Medea Benjamin, Code Pink
Lenni Brenner, Hamden, Connecticut, Author, Zionism In The Age Of The Dictators
Seth Farber, New York
Tamar Pelleg-Sryck, Human Rights Lawyer, Tel Aviv
Tony Greenstein, UK
Dan Fischer, Bridgeport, CT
Angela Godfrey-Goldstein, Advocacy Officer, The Jahalin Association, (Al Khan el Ahmar)
Alisa Klein, Leeds, MA, Public Policy Consultant and anti-war activist
Miriam (Goldberg) Swenson, New Jersey, retired professor
James Cohen, Paris, France, Professor, University of Paris 3 (Sorbonne-Nouvelle)
Judith B. Solomon, NYC, Women in Black
Jennifer Loewenstein, Wisconsin
Diana Neslon, Greater London in the United Kingdom
Joseph Levine, Professor of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst, Massachusetts
David Finkel, managing editor of AGAINST THE CURRENT (affiliation for identification only)
Tsilli Goldenberg, Jerusalem, Israel
Darlene Wallach, California, Justice for Palestinians
Savvas Michael-Matsas, Greece
Steve Krevisky, Congress of Conn. Community Colleges-4C's/SEIU
Ivy Sichel, The Hebrew University, Israel
Aram Saroyan,Los Angeles, writer
Jane Harries, Wales, United Kingdom, Coordinator for Fellowship of Reconciliation in Wales
Dustin Friedman, New York
Alice Rothchild, MD
Dorothy Naor, activist against the Colonization of Palestine, Israel
Dorothy M. Zellner, New York member, Jews Say No!
David Makofsky, retired Anthropologist, Oakland, California
Tamar Yaron, Israel, Encounter-EMEM for Israel-Palestine peace activities
Warren Davis, Philadelphia, Exec. V.P. (retired), AFGE L. 2006
Stewart Robinson,Jewish Voice for Peace
Karen Platt Albany CA JVP member
Beverly Stuart, Seattle, WA
Alice Kisch, JVP and am also a steering committee member of NorCal FOSNA (Northern California Friends of Sabeel-North America
Sylvia Finzi (London)
Yom Shamash, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Independent Jewish Voices
Neil Hertz, Ithaca, NY, Professor of Humanities, emeritus
Ethan Young, Brooklyn NY
Ned Rosch, Portland OR
Gilbert Wald, New Jersey, small businessman, Yale graduate 1972
Ken Cornet, Washington, CT USA
Sherna Berger Gluck - retired academic, activist
Judith Kolokoff Seattle WA. Human rights activist
Michael Letwin, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
Marcia Bernstein, Brooklyn,retired social worker
Lenny Lapon, Springfield, MA, Educator
Murray Polner, USA. editor-writer
Kimberly Dugan, West Hartford, Connecticut
Seth Godfrey, New Haven, Ct., Business Reference Librarian-New Haven Free Public Library and
        Commissioner on the City of New Haven Peace Commission
Hedy Epstein, St. Louis
David Letwin, Jews for Palestinian Right of Return
Lyn Stein, San Francisco, CA
Libby Frank, Philadelphia, Pa. Member Middle East Comm., Women's Int'l. League for Peace & Freedom
Paula Orloff, Nevada City, retired teacher
Yoram Gelman, Tarrytown, NY -- and Haifa, 1940
Paola Canarutto, Italy
Laura Myerson, WESPAC
Lillian Rosengarten, only American on the Jewish Boat To gaza in 2010, psychoanalyst, poet and writer
Rael Nidess, M.D., Marshall, TX USA
Leslie Lomas, Ph.D., Boulder, Colorado
Mike Kurland, Mansfield Center, Ct.
Miriam Kurland, Mansfield Center, Ct.
Aram Ayalon, professor of Teacher Education, CCSU, New Britain
Elizabeth Block, Toronto, Canada
Kit Wainer, teacher, NYC
Diane Isser, Philadelphia
Dr Brian Robinson, Retired NHS psychiatrist, Milton Keynes, England UK
Moshé Machover, Professor(emeritus), Israeli dissident
Abe Hayeem, Chair, Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine (APJP), UK
Rosamine Hayeem, London, UK
Charles Post, NY, PSC-CUNY/AFT 2234
Sherry Wolf, International Socialist Organization
Robert Naiman, Urbana, Illinois, Policy Director, Just Foreign Policy
Carol Walter, Farmington CT
Richard Kuper, Highgate, London, UK
Martin Oppenheimer, retired professor, Franklin Twp. N.J.
Henry Norr, Berkeley, CA USA
Beryl Maizels, Wembley, Middx., retired language teacher, JfJfP and J-Big.
Batya Hecker, Austin, Interfaith Community for Palestinian Rights
Tikva Honig-Parnass, Israel, Jews for the Palestinian Right of Return
Hillel Tictin, Professor-Emeritus, University of Glasgow, Scotland
Roland Rance, Britain
Inbar Tamari, Britain
Malkah Feldman, MA, USA
Myrna Fichtenbaum, Lawrenceville,NJ
Annie Zirin, Evanston, Il
Professor Dennis Kortheuer, Long Beach, Ca.
Emily Chisefski Alma, Coordinator, Chico Palestine Action Group, Chico, CA
Jean Pauline, Bay Area Women in Black, Oakland, California
Tami Etziony, Bay Area Women in Black, Oakland CA
Judith Bernstein, Munich, Germany
Carl Rosenberg, Vancouver, BC, editor of Outlook: Canada’s Progressive Jewish Magazine
Sid Shniad, Surrey British Columbia, Member, national steering committee, Independent Jewish Voices Canada
Kamran Ghasri, Iranian-American Jewish from Los Angeles, active with Israel Divestment campaign www.israeldivestmentcampaign.org, CA Green Party
Judith Weisman Toronto Ontario, Independent Jewish Voices
Dorothy Field, Victoria BC Canada
Sam Bernstein, Seattle, WA
Sarah Wolf
Paula Friedland Panzarella, New Haven, CT, poet and peace activist
Sherry Gorelick, Women in Black Union Square, NYC, Professor Emerita, Rutgers University
Phyllis Bloom, L. Ac., Woodstock, NY
Marian Feinberg, Environmental and Social Justice Activist
Sid Frankel, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Work, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Marcia Almey, Ottawa, ON
Inge Fowlie, M.ED, formerly of Bayreuth, Germany, left 1940, former professor
Freda Knott, Victoria, BC, Canada, Independent Jewish Voices
Paula E. Kirman, Edmonton Coalition Against War & Racism and Independent Jewish Voices, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Herb Gamberg, Halifax, Canada IJV
Ruth Gamberg, Halifax, Canada IJV
Tyler Levitan, Campaigns Coordinator, Independent Jewish Voices-Canada
Jeanie Dubnau, New York City. Tenant activist and researcher in molecular biology at Rutgers University
Paul Prescod, Philadelphia
Alice Sturm Sutter, retired nurse practitioner, NYC,NY
Martha Roth, writer and activist, Independent Jewish Voices, Vancouver, Canada
Suzanne Ross, Ph.D., Member, Congregation B'nai Jeshurun, Clinical psychologist, human rights activist
Miriam Margolyes, U.K.
Helga Mankovitz, Kingston, Canada
Gene Bruskin, Founder, US LABOR AGAINST THE WAR
Lawrence Davidson, Prof. of History (retired) West Chester U. West Chester PA
Norman Epstein, chemical engineer, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Basha Schanberg, New York City,LCSW
Cynthia Franklin, English Dept., University of Hawaii
Dr Ron Ginsberg. Retired dentist, Toronto Canada
Zoe Goorman, artist, Mill Valley, CA
Sharon Maser Danaceau, M.A. Women's Spirituality
Roger Kallen, retired computer programmer
Ronda Cooperstein, prison librarian and playwright
Jan Bauman, San Rafael, Ca
John Dworkin, Chicago, Illinois (http://thepalestineconflict.blogspot.com/)
Marsha Steinberg, BDS-LA
Diana Ralph, Ottawa, Canada
Arnold Gore, New York City
Audrey Bomse, Esq., Miami, Co-chair National Lawyers Guild Palestine subcommittee, Gaza’s Ark Steering Committee
Corinne Wiesner, Student, from Beloit, Wisconsin
Jean Entine - Coordinating Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, Boston chapter
Cheryl A. Rubenberg, Writer, USA
Ruth Crystal, Baltimore MD
David J. Deutsch, San Diego, California
Richard Healey
Yonit Manor, London, United Kingdom lawyer.
Michael Novick, Anti-Racist Action L.A.
Russ Greenleaf, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Don Blumberg, Baltimore, MD
Laura Tillem, Wichita, KS
Barbara Berney
Jonathan Bloch, Lib dem Councillor for Muswell Hill, London
Estee Chandler, Organizer Jewish Voice for Peace, Los Angeles
Elly Leary, Florida, retired UAW VP and Bargaining Chair
Peter A. Belmont, Attorney at Law, Brooklyn, NY
Dr Susan Pashkoff Economist, London, Britain
Leonard Potash, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Marvin Surkin, New York City
Abby Lippman, Montreal Quebec
Jerrold Cohen -- Seal Beach, CA
Eleanor Roffman, Boston, MA
Kathy Felgran,Watertown, MA
Mischa Kool, musician living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (NL)

If you're Jewish (religiously, culturally, ethnically, etc.) and want to be listed send a post to: mail@TheStruggle.org

to be posted here and sent to Congress

P.S. About AIPAC and Adelson click here

P.P.S. We're putting together this petition by hand so be patient if you don't see your name right away, but email us again after a day in case we missed it.