A Genius Idea for Obama

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The U.S. government's 25 year adventure with Iraq is coming to a bloody end. Oil lust, power lust, and the Israel Lobby combined to push us into Iraq, first to stick our nose into the dispute between the Iraqi dictator and the Kuwaiti king, then the slow war against Saddam via murderous sanctions. Then the topper, "Shock and Awe", and the insane idea that the Empire of the 1% could make Iraq into a "free market" paradise with Shia, Sunni and Kurds carefully divided against each other with the U.S. running things from the Green Zone.

Then the years of popular war against U.S. troops, 37,000 U.S. troops killed and wounded, 100,000 Iraqi dead, $1, $2, $3 trillion sent down the rathole, but then THE SURGE which seemed to set everything right. A wonderful house of cards constructed with a new pro-U.S. Iraq army as the cherry on top.

And then it all fell apart. Mosul, Iraq's 2nd or 3rd biggest city, was defendended by 15,000 troops which had been trained for years by the U.S. 800 ISIS attack and the well-trained troops throw down their rifles, take off their uniforms and run away.

What are Obama and Bush and the lickspittle coporate medea going to say to the families of all those solidiers whose lives were ended, from combat, suicide and injury...all for a lie?

What is to be done?

1. The first commandment is not to make things worse. Keep the hell out of the fighting.

2. Get out. Take the thousands of troops, "contractors" and diplomats out of the Green Zone and bring them home.

3. Get ready to do the same thing in Afghanistan.

4. Stop listening to the Israeli Apartheid government and its fanatic supporters in the U.S.

5. Have a public, open Congressional Investigation into the sorry history of U.S. collaboration with Islamic extremism, from its support for the mujahadeen in Afghanistan to winking as Qatar and the Saudis armed sectarian fanatics in Syria.

6. Break with the Saudi and Qatar tyrannies which have support the Taliban and ISIS. Suspend all military sales.

7. Arrest those U.S. leaders and military officers suspected of war crimes.

That would be a start.

June 18. An important article to read by Vijay Prashad

"The sectarian vaults, opened up by the US Shock and Awe campaign of 2003, now provide the main currency in Iraq and Syria a tragedy of immense proportions."

Iraq's Night is Long