Democracy and Human Rights in Egypt

Conference: November 21, 2014...University of Bridgeport (CT, USA)

omar shakir2 (28K)      omar shakir2 (28K)
Excerpt "Not One Investigation".................Excerpt "They Planned to Kill 3,500"

omar shakir (45K)
Full Talk - The Planned Massacre in Rab'a Square in Cairo - the Human Rights Report - Omar Shakir

omar shakir4 (28K)
65 Killed that Day Including the Youth who Stood Next to Me

raba (36K)
The Rab'a Massacre was Not an Isolated Incident

medea at egypt conf (45K)
Medea Benjamin Exposes Total U.S. Support for Sisi Regime in Egypt

omar a2 (46K)
Bullets Still in Body of Young Man Shot in Egypt by Sisi Forces

sister of man killed in van2 (44K)
Sister of Man Killed in Van Gassing Speaks Via Skype

Mohamed_Soltan6 (44K)
Asking about Mohammad Soltan

panel answers (58K)
Panel Q and A

n nasser french-egyptian student testimony2 (48K)
Rab'a Changed Me Completely

abdullah2 (32K)
After Each Arrest They Learned More about Surviving in Jail

m. nasser3 (34K)
"You Can't Say a Single Word about the Regime"

steve hess2 (50K)
"I Study Dictators and the People who Challenge Dictators"

robert riggs (29K)
"The Egypt Deep State Continued During the Time of the Morsi Government"

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"The Conflict in Egypt is Between Freedom and Oppression"