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Donate to the Middle East Crisis Committee

Since 1982 the CT based Middle East Crisis Committee has been working for justice in the Middle East. TSVN, our weekly TV show is on over 30 cable stations from Vermont to New York City. We have 1,600 videos up on You Tube. These folks think we're doing a good job.

To contribute to Middle East Crisis Committe with a credit card or by Pay Pal click on the logo below. Contributions are tax deductible.

Note: with Pay Pal you just type in number numbers. You don't click on a digit. For example to give $20. Just type a "2" and a "0" and "0" and "0" for the cents.

Or send us a check made out to "MECC", and mail it to MECC, Box 3626, Woodbridge, CT 06525.

We are a 501-c3 organization so donations to us are tax deductible if you itemize

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