Phil Donahue Talks about His Film "Body of War"

On 11/7/13 renown TV personality Phil Donahue presented his film "Body of War" in New Haven. Donahue is the winner of 9 Emmy Awards. His "Phil Donahue" show played daily for 29 years on national TV.

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Phil Donahue Introduces His Film "Body of War"

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Phil Donahue Speaks to Tomas Young's Wife Claudia

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Donahue Discusses Bush's "Joke" about the Missing WMD in Iraq........the "Joke" on CSPAN

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Phil Donahue - False Grace in Our Supposed Support of the Troops

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"We're the Patriots, we believe in the Constitution"

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What Tomas Young Wants as His Legacy - Phil Donahue

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Listen to a Stanley Heller podcast interview with Donanue here or see it with still photos here.

Link to "Body of War" website

You can view the movie on Netflix.