Charlie Hebdo embodies liberal Islamophobia

pen killing child (28K)

by Sam Charles Hamad

January 15. So, Charlie Hebdo fanboys, in what way did CH's cover cartoon mocking the over 800 Egyptian pro-democracy protesters who had just been exterminated by the Al-Sisi regime represent a) 'satire', and b) legitimate criticism of Islam in line with a wider adherence to 'radical' secularism or anti-theism? These are the two defences of everything CH does. And just to get one particularly obnoxious and creepy argument out of the way - criticising CH is not the same as supporting their cartoonists getting wasted by supporters of al-Qaeda. Take that for granted. The defenders of CH against charges of 'Islamophobia' seized upon these murders to make the magazine almost sacred - to criticise CH's Islamophobia is to support the murder of cartoonists. There's no other angle, so say the Nick Cohens of the world.

But I'd like to hear a defence of the Rabaa one? Who finds women being burned alive, or teenage girls having their brains blown out by snipers, or mostly young men and teenage boys being hunted and shot like dogs funny? The answer lies in the fact that when CH heard about Rabaa, they didn't care about the actual subjects of this murder - they saw it, as Islamophobes the world over did, as a bunch of stupid, ignorant Muslims being killed by a 'secular' state and thus yet another opportunity to sneer at and get a rise out of French Muslims. This is how their kind of Islamophobia works. Same with Muhammad shagging the goat and them calling him a paedo - it's not about 'satire' at all, it's about elite liberals sneering at Muslims. It's about racism. Whether you like it or not, it's the person who laughs at the cartoon of the nigger with the big fat lips, of the yid with the big hooked nose etc. That's what CH represents.

Charlie Hebdo embodies liberal Islamophobia - the problem isn't that its apologists don't get this, but rather that they too embody it. They still for me are the most dangerous types of Islamophobes, as even though they're formally opposed to far-right Islamophobes, they often deny the existence of the phenomenon of Islamophobia (itself a symptom of Islamophobia), while perpetuating the exact same kind of dangerous Islamophobic nonsense as the far-right. Muslims are fair game. Even their persecution is denied. Sure there's 'racism', these people say, but 'Islamophobia' is actually a Muslim plot to stop entities like CH from 'satirising' and making 'legitimate criticisms' of Islam. Like saying a Muslim child, fleeing the horrors of Syria, is better off dead because he'd only have grown up to be a sex-crazed, pig-nosed, ape-like alien creature that lusts after white European women.[3 year old Alan Kurdi - editor] This designation of 'Islamophobia' is a backdoor way for liberty-hating Muslims to curb the eternal European tradition of secularism and free speech.

If CH's intention with this cartoon was 'satire' of anti-immigrant sentiment following sexual assault in Germany and in other European locations, it seems to have completely went over the heads of quite a lot of people. Quite popular with Islamophobes and racists though, I've noticed.

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