Tomas Young Dies after a Decade of Agony, Injured Iraq War Vet and Protester

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Tomas Young was an American military veteran of the Iraq War. At 24 he was paralyzed by a bullet to the spine while deployed in Iraq. One of the first veterans to come out publicly against the war, he spent most of his life since the war protesting. He was an active member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He was the subject of a film produced by Phil Donahue called "Body of War".

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Phil Donahue and Claudia Young introduce "Body of War" in 2013

Stanley Heller interviews Phil Donahue in 2013 about his film "Body of War"

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Interview with Nan Levinson about her 2014 book about Iraq Veterans Against the War

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Iraq Veterans Against the War Demand the Right to Heal

A Tribute to a World War I Anti-War Soldier, Wesley Everest

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5'X7' Banner by Mike Alewitz. Everest was lynched on Armistice Day 11/11/1919 Read about it here.