Of Course He's Syrian

asad demeaning comment on syrian (34K)

How troubling. As'ad AbuKhalil on his Angry Arab blog mocks a brave young Syrian who got some decent coverage in the NYT. AbuKhalil puts the word Syrian in quotes to express doubt about Abdalaziz Alhamza's authenticity . Of course the man is Syrian. Does AbuKhalil have any evidence to the contrary? Alhamza is from Raqqa, the first city to liberate itself from the Assad regime and then one of the first to fall to ISIS. Of course, he gave the New York Times his own message. I interviewed him the same day as the NYT piece. His group does tremendous work exposing ISIS under conditions similar to the White Rose underground in Germany against the Nazis. Four or five of the Raqqa activists were murdered by ISIS. Now he sees the U.S.-supported Kurdish outsiders coming to take over the city and he's worried. In the New York Times he explains that ISIS won't be defeated just by killing, but that there has to be a political struggle against their ideas. He's right, why the sneering?

Is everything in the New York Times publishes "US propaganda"? When they published a great op-ed by Marwan Barghouti who is in an Israeli jail with five life sentences was this a plot by the US government? Or when the published an op-ed from Omar Barghouti explaining BDS several years ago. Another cunning Zionist plan? No, the Zionists were furious with both pieces. Certainly the NYT is part of the establishment, the ruling class, but it sees things more broadly than say the Wall Street Journal, thinking that the best way forward is not always repression and delivering only one point of view.

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