Evidently this comment on Bronner's Eulogy of Ariel Sharon was
Too Fact Based for the Times

by Stanley Heller

Evidently the "comment moderator" thought this comment on Ethan Bronner's obituary objectionable for some reason. After 6 hours it hasn't been posted.

by Stanley Heller

It was hard to keep one's bile down reading Bronner's fawning tribute to Sharon. I will just address two monumental errors. There was no "Battle of Qibya" in 1953. It was a raid whose goal was to kill a lot of Palestinians. Sharon's unit blew up 50 houses filled with Palestinian men, women and children, killing 69. There wasn't any evidence that anyone in Qibya had taken part in violence against Israelis. The raid was just a brutal act to "teach the natives a lesson".

Bronner's description of Sharon's role in the Sabra-Shatila massacre is a downright lie. Bronner writes, "The Israelis decided to secure several West Beirut neighborhoods, including Sabra and Shatila, Palestinian refugee camps where the Palestine Liberation Organization had residual bases and arms and thousands of fighters." There were no PLO bases in those camps at that time because U.S. diplomat Philip Habbib had made an agreement with the P.L.O. for a complete withdrawal of Palestinian fighters in return for a U.S. guarantee of protection of the Palestinian civilians and the PLO fighters had indeed left. Estimates of the number slaughtered range from 780 to 3,500. The Israeli government commission may have cleared Sharon from direct blame, but Israelis knew better. A demonstration of 400,000 Israelis called for Sharon's dismissal. The U.N. General Assembly declared the Sabra/Shatila killings an act of genocide.

Please allow a Palestinian or a justice loving Israeli to answer this whitewash.

One is allowed only 1500 characters in a New York Times comment these days. If I had more space I would have mentioned that Sharon should have been the prime suspect in the murder of Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasir Arafat. A month before Arafat's murder from polonium poisoning Sharon told the Israeli paper Ma'ariv, "We operated against Ahmed Yassin and Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi when we thought the time was suitable. On the matter of Arafat we'll operate in the same way, when we find the convenient and suitable time. One needs to find the time and to do what has to be done." Both Yassin and al-Rantissi had been killed by Israeli missiles.

And while you have your barf bags out read what the Secretary-General Moon of the United Nations said about Sharon calling him a "hero to is people". (What "people", the 20% of Israeli citizens who are not Jews?)

Here's two reactions to Sharon's death, the first from Israeli Miko Peled, the other from Max Blumenthal

And from a year ago a fascinating group of quotes from a 1983 cabinet discussion where Sharon tried to convince the Cabinet to let him off since they were all knowingly responsible for the Sabra/Shatila massacre. He's argument was that if they all didn't stick together they call all be accused of genocide.

Update: If you have any question where J-Street (AIPAC lite) stand read their eulogy of Sharon.