Demonstrations Sweep Iran - Including Anger at Regime's Foreign Adventures

iran demo dec 2017 (45K)

Update January 2. From important Iranian exile Yassamine Maher. Note suggestions for action at bottom.

Update January 1. Analysis by Michael Karadjis

Dec. 31, 2017. People are angry in Iran. The U.S. returned tens of billions they had stolen via sanctions, but Iranians are not seeing their lives getting better. Many are angry at the billions wasted supporting Assad in Syria. Protests in many Iranian cities. Of course the regime pretends all the "unrest" is created by the U.S., Israel, the Saudis, etc. as if the people cannot think for themselves.

Of course Trump wants to stick his nose in and ruin things (maybe deliberately so he can have a war). Tell him to take his good intentions and .... stop making war on Yemen.

Good 12/31 article here at the Alliance of Syrian and Iranian Socialists

See 12/29 coverage at Syria Freedom Forever. It notes, "Demonstrators in Shiraz and Kerman Shah held banners condemning the Iranian military intervention in Syria and holding banners reading “Leave Syria and think about us”.

A lot of up to date information about the protests in Iran from the twitter account: Dar al-Diymuqratia @KafirFajirFasiq

He (she?) says these are the main slogans being shouted in the protests

chants in Iran dec 31 (48K)

Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei is the "Supreme Leader of Iran" and the target of the protests.

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