Brayton Point Coal Burning Plant - Shut it Down!

got it i acted (63K) no more coal (96K) arrests (88K)

Videos 7/26/2013

The Start of the March - 500? 800? 1000?

Climax of the March and Scores of Arrests

"It's One of the Most Important Things I Can Possibly Do"

What Do We Want?

Interview - The Plant Throws Millions of Tons of CO2 Into the Atmosphere

Interview - The Coal Plant Endangers People in Somerset and Fall River

Speech - "The Money That They're Making Stands in Opposition to All Life" - Dave Dionne

Speech - "What the Hell are We Doing to This Planet?" - Peter Knowlton

Speech - That Plant Kills People - Craig Altemose

Eyes on the Prize - "Shut it Down"

Interview - West Virginian Tells How Mountain Top Mining is Devastating Communities

Speech - Coal Company Propaganda Says They've Invented Carbon Neutral Coal

Speech - I Used to Be Proud I Was a Coal Miner's Daughter, but Now

article - Harvard Study Estimates Over 100 Pre-Mature Deaths Per Year from Brayton Point