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Days Left to Stop House from Passing Bill to Punish Students Who Criticize Israel

Dec. 6 LA Times Gets it Right

Dec 5 Here's the text of the bill. It's pretty unreadable but the key part is that it connects investiations of violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at colleges with a definition of anti-Semitism made by the State Department SPECIAL ENVOY TO MONITOR AND COMBAT ANTI-SEMITISM. Here's what the Special Envoy considers anti-Semitism. It's all very plain English. First off notice it's involved with saying things about Israel, a foreign country, but certain things said about Israel according to the Special Envoy are anti-Semitism. One thing you can't do is "Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis". During the '82 invasion of Lebanon and during the First Intifada the Israeli human rights activist Israel Shahak compared certain acts to that of the Nazis. So he would be an anti-Semite under this stupid defninition. Using "double standards" is supposedly anti-Semitism. So no one is allowed to make criticisms of Israel unless he/she also critcizes every other human rights violation under the sun. It's all crap. Threating and inciting violence and assaults should be against the law. Making "speech" a crime is garbage even if what's said is wrong, insulting or BS.

The bill to defeat is HR 6421 the (so-called) "Anti-Semitism Awareness Act". As we say below you can call your member of Congress 24/7.

The House has about a week to bring up this bill or tack it on to some other bill.

Dec. 2 We're sounding the alarm about a bill that passed the Senate on December 1 that would punish students for criticizing Israel. No one except the Senators has seen the exact wording but among the offenses mentioned in a release by the bill's cosponsor we have "Demonizing Israel by blaming it for all inter-religious or political tensions and ...Judge Israel by a double standard that one would not apply to any other democratic nation" Can you imagine being punished in America for criticizing a foreign country?

By the way the bill passed without the objection of a single Senator. Think about that.

We've had something in this country called free speech. It's in danger. The bill can be stopped in the House. Call your local representative. You can call 24/7. Theyt have have answering machines. Click on this link to send an email or call your member of Congress.

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